Ways to Recover Photos and Messages in iPhone 13 Smoothly

In this modern age, a large number of people store their personal and essential data on their smartphones. People like the way of sharing information, storing important data, paying bills, making calls, and a lot more with a single touch on a smartphone.

The data on your phone will be secure until a rare case appears like jailbreaking, loss of phone, or memory wipeout. In any such scenario, you might technically lose your data in a fraction of a second. This article will lead the viewers towards the solution of how to recover deleted messages from iPhone 13 and how to recover deleted photos from iPhone 13.

Part 1: How to Recover Deleted Photos and Messages from iTunes Backup

Part 2: Recover Any Lost Data from iPhone 13 in No Time – Dr.Fone

Part 3: Tips to Prevent iPhone 13 Data Loss

Part 1: How to Recover Deleted Photos and Messages from iTunes Backup

iTunes backup contains all the local data available on your iPhone like call logs, photos, iPhone settings, messages, keychain data, local files of apps, etc. You can also lose your data if iTunes backup is not updated, and it will eventually overwrite the data available on your iPhone 13.

To recover deleted photos from iPhone 13 or to recover deleted messages from iPhone 13 using iTunes backup, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Connect both your computer on which you have synced your data and iPhone 13. Now run your iTunes. Tap on the “iPhone” icon and select “Restore Backup” from the summary tab.

Step 2: If you have more than one backup, you need to choose the iTunes backup. After that, click on “Restore” to confirm the action.

Step 3: In this step, iTunes will start restoring the backup data to your iPhone 13. In a few minutes, you can access the deleted data on your iPhone.

Part 2: Recover Any Lost Data from iPhone 13 in No Time – Dr.Fone

One of the best tools that can come into mind for recovering data is Dr.Fone by Wondershare. It is quite famous for its data recovery feature that proves to be a great help in losing your data and essential files. Dr.Fone supports many formats of messages and photos for data recovery purposes. It is also compatible with the latest iOS 15 models.

Dr.Fone is also known as the overall mobile device solution as it handles all kinds of data loss in smartphones. Some other listed features of Dr.Fone – Data  Recovery (iOS) will explain why it is the best solution for recovering deleted data from iPhone 13.

  • Unlike iCloud, iTunes, Dr.Fone flexibly restore data without overwriting available data in the device.
  • It also has a feature of restoring data selectively; this way, you don’t need to restore the whole deleted data.
  • Compared to others, Dr.Fone does the whole backup thing in a single click.
  • It also allows you to preview the iPhone backup anytime.

To recover deleted data or to recover contacts from iPhone 13, you have to follow the steps that are described below:

Step 1: Connect Your PC and iPhone 13

Connect your iPhone 13 and computer via USB cable. After successful connection, launch the Dr.Fone toolkit on your computer and click on “Data Recovery.”

Step 2: Scan your iPhone 13 for Deleted Data

To do scanning, click on the “Start Scan” button to find the lost data in your iPhone 13. The time for scanning depends upon the amount of data. During scanning, if you find your lost data, you can stop the scan process at any moment.

Step 3: Recover and Preview the Scanned Data

In the last step, you can see the generated results that will be categorized in deleted and existing data from your iPhone 13. You can swipe up to turn on the “Only display the deleted items” option for filtering out the lost items.

By clicking on the file type on the left side, you can preview the found data. By tapping on the “Recovery” button, you can search and save the files on your iPhone 13.

Part 3: Tips to Prevent iPhone 13 Data Loss

There are several scenarios in which you don’t even realize how and when you end up losing your essential data and personal information. To avoid such situations, you need to go through the tips and tricks we have mentioned further in this article. These tips are:

  • The first thing you should do is create an iPhone data backup because it will help to facilitate you when you accidentally lose your data. You can use some of the solutions discussed above to create a data backup.
  • You should be sure that your iPhone is compatible with the latest iOS. If your iPhone does not support the latest iOS, you might put your data at risk by running the iOS installation file program forcibly.
  • The iOS installation file demands a certain storage space in your iPhone 13; that’s why you should download it at first. You also need more space for the installation of the latest iOS. If not, your upgrade could be interrupted, and you could end up losing data.
  • Like the storage space issue, you have to be sure of a consistent power supply to complete the iOS update for the iPhone 13. It might take some time, depending on the programs and data available on your iPhone 13. If your iPhone 13 is turned off during the update, it will surely lose data.
  • It is better to update all the available applications, including the third-party application, on your iPhone 13. This will benefit you as compatibility of applications with the new iOS. Otherwise, you may lose the data, or it may get corrupted.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, your data is secure in your smartphone until the time you lose your smartphone, or you lose your data accidentally. This article leads you towards the solution of how to recover deleted messages from iPhone 13 and how to recover your photos from iPhone 13. We have discussed some tips through which you can avoid such circumstances where you end up losing data.

We present solutions to recover deleted data from iPhone 13 through iTunes backup and Dr.Fone data recovery toolkit. You can look into these solutions if you are facing the same problem.