Ways to keep workers safe in your construction company

construction workers

The construction industry accounts for more than 9% of the entire UK employment. But, it is one of the riskiest job roles due to the nature of the workplace.

Construction employees are naturally exposed to a wide range of hazards that leave them with risks of injuries or even death. Some risks for construction workers include falling from a high building, electrocution, structural collapses, machinery malfunctioning, falling objects, etc.

As a construction business owner, it might be tempting to skimp on some things to cut costs, but it is in your best interests to protect the health of your employees. There are different ways to improve the health and safety of your construction workplace, and it doesn’t need to cost much.

Provide health and safety training

Every worker in the construction workplace gets exposed to risk irrespective of the project’s nature. To ensure everything runs smoothly, you must provide your construction workers with the necessary health and safety training. They must be proficient in the risks involved in their work and should be well acquainted with how they are linked with their actions, especially when working on high-rise buildings.

Other than that, construction site workers should have a first aid kit and know how to perform simple life-saving tasks to save lives in case of an accident. You can also encourage your workers to acquire a construction certification in health and safety courses. Steve Carr at London Demolition Specialist, Feltham Demolition, has a clear procedure when it comes to safety. “Before every job, our team follows a strict process and runs through our A Documented Health & Safety Policy, COSHH Assessments, a Code of practice and Toolbox talks before the project begins. There are no excuses.”

Use clear signs

A construction site is always full of potential hazards. Sometimes wires hang loose, or the structure is not strong enough to hold pillars and other objects. Such hazards are a potential threat to the employees and anyone else who enters the construction site. It is impossible to fix such construction hazards immediately, but you can use construction signs that restrict entry to high-risk areas. Using clear construction signs is one of the most economical ways to ensure on-site safety and reduce the risks of accidents.

Have the construction equipment and tools inspected regularly

Today, construction projects rely on construction equipment and tools for efficiency. When construction machinery malfunctions or gets damaged, it increases the risks of accidents and injuries. Therefore it is good to have your construction equipment inspected by a professional from time to time. Whether it is a strange sound coming from the machine, a leak, or a minor malfunction, do not ignore such signs. You also must ensure the machines are used by trained workers and do not tamper with them unnecessarily.

Provide your workers with PPEs

A construction site is characterized by workers wearing yellow caps and bright reflectors. Those are some of the construction gear workers should have on the construction site. For instance, a protective cap protects workers from head injuries if they fall from a high building. They also wear protective shoes to avoid any injuries. If the workers are working on electricity, they should have goggles to protect their eyes. Ensure all your construction workers wear their protective gear when working to prevent injuries.

Take advantage of technology

In today’s world, almost every adult owns a smartphone. It is good to take advantage of technology to increase the safety of the construction workplace. Have your team use mobile construction apps that can help them gather information and observe the construction site remotely. For instance, a worker can immediately press the panic button to alert other employees in an emergency. That is an excellent way to enhance workers’ safety and stay prepared in case of accidents.

Communicate effectively

Encourage communication in the construction site. Workers should communicate if they identify any dangerous hazards when working on site. They should also report any accidents or near misses. As an employer, you can ask them what you can do to ensure their safety to enhance a positive safety culture in the workplace.


The health and safety of workers in a construction site are essential. As a construction company owner, you should implement top-notch safety strategies to enhance a safe working environment. If you are based in Manchester you should check out Manchester First Aid Training courses.