Ways live screen printing can benefit your business event

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With today’s advancements in technology, there are numerous marketing tools you can consider for your business event.

One of these is live screen printing. It is a great activity for everybody while enabling you to promote your company or brand you are representing.

With live screen printing, your attendees won’t just enjoy your event, but they will also go home with something that would remind them about your brand. That is why this kind of activity in your event can have a huge impact in spreading the word about your business.

What You Should Know about Live Screen Printing

When compared to other processes of printing, live screen printing isn’t an ordinary one. It is a kind of activity that allows you to print shirts by hand. It is also a marketing strategy innovated by the events coordination teams to help you spread about your business in a fun and new way. It’s a great marketing strategy since you will be able to advertise your services or products while your customers will take home something out of it.

The concept of live screen printing is straightforward and simple. During the activity, people will see how shirts are printed. People can also join your business event and make their own t-shirt. But, the best thing about live screen printing is that you can use other merchandise such as pillows, towels, and bags.

How Can Live Screen Printing Benefit Your Business Event?

Having a business event where you can promote your brand easily can make your company grow. That is the reason why including live screen printing is a must as it can be used as a powerful marketing tool. This type of activity can also offer you lots of benefits such as:

Improves Your Brand’s Awareness While Attendees Have Fun

The magic of live screen printing is that it can let everybody enjoy your business event while you establish your brand’s awareness. As your participants experience enjoyment, they will be happy to share their thoughts about your business. With this, expect that your brand will be known by not just your participants, but also their connections in the industry.

A Great Free Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, you are surely aware that marketing strategies may come at a particular cost. With live screen printing for your business event, it can be a good free marketing strategy that you can take advantage of. Since your attendees can make something that they can wear or use, they can easily spread the word about your business or brand wherever they go and without the need for you to take extra effort. So, it’s more like a win-win case for your attendees and for your growing business.

A Perfect Activity to Connect with Your Potential Customers or Clients

Live screen printing encourages engagement between you and your attendees. While some of your guests are busy printing, you can start a conversation about anything. It can be related to your business or something that will help you establish a connection with them. Your attendees might ask you questions anytime, so it’s important to be around throughout the activity. You should also pay attention to what they suggest or need.

Stress-Free Activity for Everyone

Live screen printing is an art-related activity, which can be helpful for those who want an experience as an artist and be creative in their own way without worrying about the judgments of other people. It enables participants to be worry-free and enjoy a stress-free activity with several individuals who want to try something unique.

Provides Exceptional Experience to All Attendees

Live screen printing is a satisfying activity for everyone who gets the chance to join your business event, providing them an exceptional experience that they can’t enjoy from other events. This is the reason why it can help your business leave a good first impression. So, if you want to impress your participants, live screen printing is just the thing you need.

How to Make the Most out of Live Screen Printing for Your Business Event

The key to success in your event is to have the right equipment. Never handicap your success by showing up with broken and old equipment.

Depending on how you organized this activity for your event, always prepare your business cards in case some people start conversations about your business or brand. It is also a good idea to have signage with a profile name or hashtag to make most of the event on various social media platforms. You can also run an additional giveaway for promoting shares.


If you want to expand your business and reach more people, live screen printing will surely benefit your business event. Its effects on your business growth are phenomenal. Live screen printing strikes conversations and engages your audience with potential customers in a friendly and open atmosphere. In fact, having a live screen printing station will ensure that your business event is something every attendee will remember down the line, through the shirts and art they have made.