Vyacheslav Nikolaev: focus on IT

Vyacheslav Nikolaev

A top executive with a leading telecoms company in the country, focusing on IT development. An expert in digital ecosystems. He has vast expertise in working for commercial entities.

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Vyacheslav Nikolaev has been working for a number of years as a top executive with one of the country’s telecommunications and IT giants. In addition to his substantial experience as a top manager, his expertise includes comprehensive knowledge of cybernetics and applied mathematics. In 2019, Vyacheslav Nikolaev was appointed as avice president of the corporation. His area of responsibility includes marketing, client services, and the group’s ecosystem development. With the top executive’s hands-on role, the major mobile operator was transformed into a high-tech company producing its own software and integrating a variety of services and applications.

Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Nikolaev is confident that the mobile operator’s transformation into an IT company is complete, taking into account that software products are fundamentally of high value for the telecoms industry. For instance, telephone services and internet access are not possible without billing. Nikolaev Vyacheslav considers the group’s own team of developers tasked with the creation of billing systems to be a significant advantage of the company. As a rule, telecoms enterprises do not enjoy such a privilege, meaning it is non-typical for mobile operators.

Vyacheslav Nikolaev: development of software solutions

Nikolaev Vyacheslav Konstantinovich leads the development of original software solutions created by the telecoms giant’s staff. The corporation currently employs more than 6,000 developers, software engineers, and analysts. A streaming platform for gamers, WASD.TV, as well as movie service Kion are among the corporation’s most notable products. As Vyacheslav Nikolaev emphasizes, the movie service’s technological core is of foreign origin, with the group’s professionals developing a full set of original software. Users are provided with the options to watch films, series, and TV programming using every smart device, from phones to television sets. Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Nikolaev’sefforts in the area of software development and implementation have been recognized by industry specialists. The platform was awarded the Discovery of the Year special prize at the Big Number national contest.

Another product by the company is WASD.TV, a streaming platform designed for gamers and their followers. Nikolaev Vyacheslav Konstantinovich deems the platform’s creation to be a significant step in the development of cybersports in the country and support for domestic gamers. It is a challenging task for beginners in cybersports to succeed in fighting their way through a mass of competitors.

Vyacheslav Nikolaev and building the ecosystem

Vyacheslav Nikolaev compares an ecosystem with a digital concierge. A thoroughly-designed software and hardware product should be able to forecast the client’s needs at a certain point in time. Nikolaev Vyacheslav Konstantinovichbelieves that the client base is a huge advantage for a major telecoms operator in regard to the development of its own set of applications and services. Users already receive services from their mobile operator and pay for them. This being the case, it is easier to ‘talk them into’ paying for other products, says Nikolaev Vyacheslav. For user convenience, multi-subscription plans are available within the ecosystem, providing the customer with immediate access to all products.

Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Nikolaev believes that these days, the ecosystem’s flexibility along with the range of services it provides are vital for a company to keep in touch with clients and retain their interest. The average duration of relations with a client is about a year for a regular telecoms service business. Nikolaev Vyacheslav Konstantinovich notes that thanks to additional services provided within the extended scope of features, the customer stays with a company for three to four years. This makes diversification a must for the company in order to retain existing customers and to attract new ones.

Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Nikolaev’s vision for ecosystems of the future

Vyacheslav Nikolaev is an expert in computational technologies and has vast experience in commercial activities. In addition, he has worked extensively with corporate clients, providing them with IT products. Nikolaev Vyacheslav Konstantinovich believes the extension and integration of services are key for the future of modern hi-tech diversified companies. He also sees specialists with expertise in both IT and business processes as the top executives of such enterprises.

Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Nikolaev is currently involved in the consolidation of seemingly diverse bodies within the group. The IT giant’s ecosystem combines financial tools, communications, entertainment, and other services. As Nikolaev Vyacheslav admits, almost half of the company’s revenue growth is generated by services that are non-typical for a telecoms firm.

The evolution of ecosystems means that the corporations involved in this process cannot be classified as they were in the past. Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Nikolaev states that he does not consider other telecoms operators to be his company’s direct competitors. The IT giant currently measures up against such ecosystem agenda companies as Yandex and Sberbank.