Vuestic UI teams up with AG Grid to empower users with datagrid capabilities

Vuestic UI, the Vue 3 UI framework from Epicmax, have collaborated with AG Grid, the leading datagrid provider, to empower users with feature-rich table functionality.

AG Grid

is available as an extension via Vuestic UI, meaning users can add AG Grid tables to their projects with no extra cost or difficulty. The company also provides a ready-made style theme for AG Grid’s library of tables, which integrates with Vuestic global config, keeping AG Grid in sync with other components on the page.

AG Grid was selected by Vuestic as an excellent solution for complex data handling needs. Features like fixed columns and grouping are too expensive to implement, so it’s more beneficial to use a trusted tool instead of developing something on their own. The experience in non open source projects was positive as well.

AG Grid works with all JavaScript frameworks including React, Angular and Vue, including Vue 2 and Vue 3. AG Grid saves on development time, providing the perfect mix of out of the box functionality and customisation.

Niall Crosby, CEO, CTO and Founder of AG Grid said, “This collaboration with Vuestic ensures users of the platform have access to the most feature-rich and clean datagrid tables in the industry. This will empower their Vue projects, and encourages them to develop creative, disruptive and flexible user interfaces.

“It has also been a pleasure working alongside the team at Epicmax, and we will continue to update the AG Grid framework and extension for even more seamless collaboration in the future.”

Yauheni Prakopchyk, CTO of Epicmax added, “While selecting a UI framework, users are looking for different flavors of tables – from simplest one to robust and complicated. AG Grid covers the most sophisticated needs, and Vuestic UI holds your hand for simpler cases. Sounds like a perfect match to me.”

“To support this awesome collaboration we plan to cover upcoming updates of AG Grid as well as improve integration with Vuestic UI theming system.”