Villas in Antalya – why you should invest in one of them

Antalya is a Turkish resort town with a population of over two million. Today it faces particular popularity among residents of European countries.

Moreover, the latter prefer not only to relax there but also to buy cozy houses or apartments near the sea. If you want to find a property for sale in Oba, Istanbul, or Antalya, check out the Turk.Estatewebsite. Why is it better to buy a villa than an apartment and why Antalya is the best region to do that – we will dwell on these things in this article.

A villa in Turkey

It should be noted that a villa in Turkey is called a detached residential building with adjacent land.

Most of the offers are villas in gated communities. This is a very convenient housing option since the staff of the company that manages and maintains the complex has personal guards, janitors, gardeners, storekeepers, pool cleaning specialists, as well as personnel responsible for the operation of the infrastructure of the entire complex as a whole. These infrastructures represent common areas like the following:

  • gyms,
  • saunas,
  • hammams,
  • winter pools,
  • cafes, and much more.

These privileges are paid for separately, they are not included in the price of the villa itself.

For those who love solitude, it is better to opt for a separate housing with its own residential complex. It may include all the same services and entertainment, only the costs of them will fall on the owner of the property. And this is a completely different sum of money – more significant. Therefore, the choice should be made based not only on aesthetic preferences and desires but also on financial capabilities. With a small budget, you should not aim at an expensive villa so that you do not have to resell it later.

What affects the price of property in Antalya

  1. It is especially difficult to find a suitable home close to the sea.

Antalya is a city where you have to pay not so much for a stone box as for access to the sea, sand, and sun.

  1. The land plot also affects the value.

Even a very small plot, which is close to the sea, with a small villa, can cost much more than a large plot with a larger one if it is far from the beach. This is the pricing of real estate in any resort town and that is how it works in Antalya as well. Villas in Antalya on the first line from the sea or directly on the beach are piece goods you still need to chase after. You should be prepared for the fact that this property will cost a fairly round sum!

In addition to the proximity to the sea, the size of the plot, the area, and the number of stories, its cost is also influenced by

  • the project,
  • the number of rooms,
  • and the area.

The districts of a city matter as well. Antalya consists of several districts that differ significantly in their purpose and architecture. These are Konyaalti, Lara, Ishiklar, Kundu, Old City, and Center. The choice of an area depends only on the wishes of the buyer.

2020-2021 Turkish property market

According to Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index, property prices in Turkey increased:

  • by 25.7% in the second quarter of 2020,
  • by 27.3% in the third quarter,
  • and by 30.3% in the fourth quarter.

The first quarter of 2021 showed an increase of 32%, the second quarter – by 29.2%. This trend will continue into the first quarter of 2022, according to Knight Frank analysts.

The Turkish Institute of Statistics (Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu) has released a construction cost index. As a result, in September 2021, construction costs increased by 40% compared to the same period last year. The Institute of Statistics calculates the costs in the area using two items – these are material and labor costs. Spending on materials in 2021 was increased by 50%, and employee benefits – by 23%.

The increase in the cost of materials, as a rule, affects the price of the developer. This means real estate prices will rise steadily.

Why invest in Turkish property in 2022

The factor that increases the pricing of Turkish housing is the lack of land resources. In Turkey, free plots suitable for construction are becoming less and less. Therefore, developers are forced to develop new areas where the price tag of land plots is still quite low.

According to local requirements at the legislative level, from the spring of 2022, the area of ​​​​apartments will be increased. The costs of the developer will also increase, which means prices will rise.

This leads to the conclusion that everyone who understands at least a little about real estate pricing turns their eyes towards Turkey. Entrepreneurial investors are well aware that behind the rise in prices is, in fact, their benefit.

With the rising prices of real estate in Turkey, in addition to demand fueled by the pandemic, a jump in prices for building materials is associated. The most active real estate sales are observed in the resort regions, mainly in the south of the country. Expats who want to relax on the sea coast tend to come here.

The highest rates of price growth were noted in the provinces:

  • Mugla – 51%;
  • Antalya – 40.2%.

Profitable investment

Villas in Antalya are a very profitable investment. The buyer at an affordable price not only gets housing but also a year-round vacation in one of the most prestigious resorts. There are not so many offers of detached houses, and if we consider they are in special demand, the approach to the selection and purchase of real estate should be thought out and in advance. To get the best ones, ask the specialists from Turk.Estate agency and they will assist you in your search for perfect housing.