Video Editing Services in the US: How Do I Choose the Best Option?

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Online video content evolves daily as more people embrace new ideas on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Creating videos is already so much work, even for content gurus. For your content to stand out, you’ll need to use new editing software and learn recent technological advancements, which adds weight to the work you already have on your hands.

As a serious content creator, outsourcing video editing services should lift this burden off your shoulders. However, as there are so many providers in the market today, you’ll need to choose the best for your content to stand out.

How to Choose the Best Video Editing Company in the US

Which company is the most suitable for your needs? This question shouldn’t be difficult to answer when you have a list of criteria guiding your selection of a video editing company.

Consider the Provider’s Video Review Process

Reviewing projects and providing feedback is essential in video creation. An excellent professional video editing company should offer a seamless review process. Find out whether the editor’s method of sharing drafts suits your interests. You should also be able to share your notes about adjustments freely.

Typically, feedback is provided using time codes and in written form. The time codes enable you to be more specific with your notes. Nonetheless, this method is a bit tiresome and may cause misunderstanding since you are using words to describe moving images. You would be better off with a video collaboration platform.

Find Out the Company’s Precision and Speed

Making it in the content creation field requires consistency, which means uploading videos on schedule. You can only achieve this if the editing company works on your orders in time. Talent and skills aren’t enough if the editor can’t deliver.

There should be ready professionals ready to work on your videos the moment you submit a request. The only way to be sure about this is if the company has a straightforward way to connect clients with their video editors directly.

Precision and speed also depend on the provider’s hardware, so find out whether the team works with powerful computers that can handle the workload. Ask about the internet speed, hard drive capacity, and operating systems.

Check Client Testimonials

Experienced video editors offer at least three raving client testimonials. Online video editors should readily share references with you to help you gain confidence in their skills. If past clients share the same industry as you, that’s even better.

Assess Test Projects and Previous Work

Positive reviews may not be enough when choosing the best video editing company. So, find out whether the editor’s previous work and test projects align with your objectives. You can learn a great deal about the company’s skills and capabilities from watching their past work.

If you need to determine an editor’s advanced skills, send them a test project with limited details and assess their delivery. The task should be complex enough to challenge the editor’s talent. When reviewing their work, look out for the following:

  • The footage they included or excluded
  • How branding fits in the video
  • How close the final cut came to your aesthetic and ideal style

Find Out the Company’s Charges

None of the above factors matter if you can’t afford to hire a video editing company. First, create a budget to determine how much you are willing to pay for a single project. Make it as realistic as possible.

Once you come up with a budget, check the company’s hourly, weekly or monthly charges. Find out whether their unlimited editing plans fit your requirements. Better yet, ask for a fee breakdown of the pricing tiers offered. If plans come with free consultations, find out how much they’re worth.

The editor’s subscription plans should include the following (at the very least):

  • Still images and royalty-free video footage
  • Scripting
  • Motion and bespoke graphics
  • Voiceovers
  • Music
  • Video publishing

Another thing to consider is whether the company has a transparent payment plan. Most companies request an upfront percentage and the rest upon job completion.


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