User Experience: The Impact Of Not Meeting Your Customer’s Expectations

New research has revealed that Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) are costing individual UK businesses between £72,000 - £336,000 each year.

The COVID-19 lockdown saw a huge growth in internet usage and the use of digital services.

The absence of not being able to go to a business location to get what you need set a high expectation of how customers wanted a digital service to perform.

People were already facing so many changes and problems surrounding the pandemic (not being able to leave the house being one of them), but alongside that came a new sense of resilience and empowerment.

Nobody wanted to have anything else making their life harder, so if your business didn’t have an easy digital process, people had more confidence to switch services to find something new.

This newfound expectation has found businesses having to rethink their digital strategies to improve the User Experience (UX), ensuring they keep their customers.

A digital marketing agency like Coast Digital, with experts in key areas such as UX, website development and digital analytics will be able to help you make the right strategic decisions to create a customer-focused culture.

Using digital analytics and insights to understand your customer base

Although useful, just knowing the ages and locations of your target audience is not enough anymore. Knowing their behaviours, insights and habits, however, can help you understand what is important to them.

Having a more detailed understanding of your customers will allow you to plan and tailor your service(s) to them.

Here at Coast, we use tools like user research, digital analytics and our in-built biometric research lab to learn the thoughts, feelings, and more granular data about your customers – giving you the key information so you can use it to make yourself stand out above your competitors.

Learn more about Coast Digital’s User Experience and Digital Analytics services.

Putting your customer’s experience first

You should use the customer data you have access to strategically and sensibly in order to put the user experience at the forefront of your business.

Customers are more likely to remember a negative experience than a good one, so improving the user experience of your website is a chance to reduce negative encounters.

Ensuring your CRM and CMS systems align, having an engaging website, and offering a carefully crafted digital solution that suits the customer empowers your business, helping to create brand loyalty and confidence, as well as increasing your conversions and meeting your business objectives.

Ensuring your departments are working cohesively to meet your end goal

Most businesses have the same process when they take on a new customer/client. They are initially met with the Sales Team, then once they have converted, they get passed off onto another team.

Making new business a shared responsibility across all departments in your company helps the customer feel more involved and feel that their experience matters to you, rather than feeling like they are passed from pillar to post.

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“Coast Digital showed real expertise when it came to understanding the need to enhance user experience and create a solution which would be of benefit to a wide range of users.”

– Jon Waring, Project Manager, South Essex Partnership Trust