Useful Tips to Clean Memory Foam Mattress & Topper

Tips to Clean Memory Foam Mattresses & Toppers

Cleaning memory foam is not as difficult as you may think – it can be done with a few simple household products. Take a read of our tips to learn how to best clean your memory foam mattress or topper from sweat stains, urine and more.

What is a memory foam mattress and what are its benefits?

A memory foam mattress is a specialist type of polyurethane foam mattress that is praised for its body-contouring orthopaedic benefits. It moulds to the shape of the user via body heat and provides excellent levels of support, including benefits to postural and spinal alignment. It is brilliant for side and back sleepers and offers a luxurious supportive feel without leaving the user feeling as if they are ‘sinking’ in.

What is a memory foam topper and when should I use one?

A memory foam topper is a thin layer of memory foam that is placed on top of a standard sprung or foam mattress. They offer a new lease of life to an ageing mattress and also bring similar benefits to their memory foam mattress counterparts – including added orthopaedic support and luxurious comfort.

Can memory foam be washed or cleaned? 

If you are wondering how to get sweat smells or stains out from a memory foam mattress, or how to remove the yellow stains that appear with repeated use, don’t fret! Despite not being able to put memory foam in the washing machine you can still clean bed foam with ease.

Memory foam has hypoallergenic properties that are resistant to mildew, dust mites, other allergens and more, so you do not need to clean it unless it is particularly stained with sweat, pee or another type of spillage. However memory foam must be hand-cleaned as machine washing will cause it to break apart.

Tips for cleaning your memory foam mattress 

First, try not to let spillages dry – be sure to wipe up any excess as soon as possible and proceed to both dab and wipe with a cleaning cloth and water. Begin by completely removing your mattress cover and placing this into the washing machine.

For most stains, water and a small amount of laundry detergent on a clean cloth will be sufficient for cleaning an affected area. Proceed to do so by gently dabbing the area and wiping on occasion – do not rigorously scrub as you may damage the memory foam.

White vinegar also works well as a heavy stain remover, although this should be diluted in water and sprayed on the affected area. It should only be used in severe cases. It will give a strange odour so the area must be cleaned with water and a clean cloth afterwards, and the mattress should be left to completely air dry for as long as possible. Never use harsh cleaners such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Tips to clean a memory foam mattress topper 

Memory foam mattress toppers can be spot cleaned in the same way as memory foam mattresses, although you should take extra care to ensure you do not soak the topper with excessive amounts of water.

For additional freshness after cleaning, let your topper completely air dry outside on a flat surface. Do not peg it to a clothes line as you may risk mis-shaping it with pegs. Likewise, do ensure it is not left in direct sunlight.

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