Useful tips for successful system load testing

Load Testing

Load testing is very beneficial when used during software system development.

Knowing how well your system can accommodate users is an essential part of development for any designer.

Understanding how well your system can handle the load is essential.  This is especially true if your developed system manages large amounts of traffic.  Speed and reliability under a load are two important attributes to focus on.

Finding the Talent

If you are looking for a load testing company, it’s important to be aware of their expertise.  Or if you intend to hire someone specific for this function, it’s still good to be somewhat familiar with what they will be doing.

Whether you are hiring someone to perform this service for you, or you are doing it on your own, there are some things you will want to keep in mind when load testing.

Things to Remember when Testing

Capacity in situations

Want to know how well your system will operate in real-life conditions?  Load testing will show you that before you publicize your application.  Don’t risk losing customers because of slow speeds or stalling.

Focus on what you need

Think of the most important aspects of your application.  The main functioning of the application is critical.  Without it, your entire application is worthless.  Features are important, but it’s good to prioritize aspects of your system.

Use data to improve

Identifying load capacity can give you keen insight into how users respond to your application.  This is valuable data to have on hand.  Is one part of your site getting more attention than others?  Maybe making updates to that section will keep customers happy and coming back.

Improve overall performance

Watch specific areas of the application.  This will help you determine adjustments that may be required.  Slow performance and stalling can lead to customer dissatisfaction in a hurry.

Chose a benchmark

Having a benchmark in place keeps the application load within parameters you set as adequate.  This prevents the number from dropping to low, or going to high.  A balance in load is good for the end number in costs.

Decide on automation

Certain tasks may be automated, provided they save you time and money.  Though not all things may necessarily be automated all the time, plenty of functions within the system can be.  Main function core areas, as well as other feature areas may be automated.  Changes may be needed anytime code change or updates are made.

Test load when updating

Anytime your application is updated, test the load to see how it responds under pressure.  Automated testing may help in certain cases.  Use the data from these tests to make adjustments where necessary.  Creating detailed reports of this data can help serve you better as you are able to see trends within the application, over time.

Stay fluid

Technology is always changing, therefore it’s important to stay ahead in updates and new versions.  Not only is this beneficial, it’ll help you keep up with the competition.