US Stage for the British performers

Rolling Stones

If you are an emerging rock musician, there is one country where you’re dying to play a gig in – the United States.

The reasons vary: from paying the historical tribute to the Beatles and the Stones, who once showed how to rock the stage, to grabbing the cash with both hands and make a stash. Indeed, the American music industry could be very profitable for British performers. Here is why.

The Right Connection

One of the reasons for choosing the best place to rock is how many people can actually make it there. The easier the moving around is, the more tickets will be sold out. That’s why the transportation could be a huge issue for the fans who didn’t own the vehicles and decided to fly out to, let’s say, Las Vegas, to watch ‘the third final show of Ozzy Osbourne’.

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Not the Music Alone

Regardless of the state you are performing, it takes a village to make it happen, and I’m not talking about the venue or instruments here. The profitability of the performance depends on many factors that, surprisingly, have little to do with the music in general. Take the hospitality industry as an example. It makes sense to schedule the show in the city with plenty of hotels because it will attract more people as they know they will find a place to stay nearby.

The biggest arenas in the United States are in Las Vegas (T-Mobile Arena), New York (Madison Square Garden, Barclay’s Center) New Jersey (MetLife Stadium), Boston (TD Garden), Chicago (United Center),  Philadelphia (Wells Fargo Center), Oakland, CA (Oracle Arena), and Dallas (American Airlines Arena).  If you can find the best car rental deals Las Vegas airport and stay at the motels along the road 66, does it matter where they are playing?

FYI: the Rolling Stones are considered to be the richest rock band in the history of the music, and they used to play at almost all biggest stadiums in the States. Simple math, right?

The Land of Festivals

From the Woodstock to Coachella to Electric Daisy Carnival to Governors Ball and many more – the States host some of the biggest music events. What does it mean for the musicians? Recognition and money, of course. For fans? Just one more reason to call friends, get to the Sin City, shop around for the best car rental deals at the airport, and let the adventures begin.

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Bonus Trip

Ranked one of the most visited countries in the world, the States is in everyone’s to-go list these days, and rightly so. The variety of National Parks, top-notch architecture, and many things to explore literally makes you buy the ticket in one click.

But what if your intention is to fly to watch the only show of your favorite English band or singer? The fact is that you won’t go to places just to watch the show. If you can easily find the best car rentals in Las Vegas and drive to the Death Valley or Joshua Tree National Parks the day after the show, won’t you take two more days off?

Baby, I love your… Genres

Some States are known for their favoring particular music genres over others. For example, the West Coast and South are, probably, the places to go for the hip-hop artists, whereas the East Coast and Midwest have the best scenes for the electronic musicians, and Las Vegas is a sweet spot for the people who know how to throw the capital S show.

Why so? The reason is the historical and cultural development of the music in the past, and it shaped the audience’s expectations. It explains why Sir Elton John took a pretty long residency in Las Vegas (2011-2018), and why Depeche Mode had three consecutive concert dates in New York in 2018.

What is the next concert you are ready to rock?