Understanding signal strength: why do you need a Vodafone booster & how does it work?

If you're a Vodafone customer, then you'll find that irrespective of the network's promises, days when the signal is abysmal are inevitable.

If you’re a Vodafone customer, then you’ll find that irrespective of the network’s promises, days when the signal is abysmal are inevitable.

As such, a host of solutions has been developed over the years and one of these is the Vodafone mobile phone signal booster , according to UCtel. It is simply built to improve signal strength. Now if you’ve heard of this tool, but aren’t entirely convinced about its effect on signal strength, then the following will be right up your alley.

Also, our journey has to begin with an understanding of signal strength and what could affect it so much that a booster is needed. Afterwards, let’s look at the type of boosters and check why they’re the perfect solution for users and businesses.

About strength

Signal strength simply refers to how strong signals are upon being received by your device. This isn’t to be confused with signal quality, which is the amount of interference between the base station or small cell broadcasting signals and your device. That said, they are inextricably linked to each other, as poor performance can exist if one is good and the other isn’t.

These two are so linked, that the same things affect them. Below is a list of a few things that affect the strength and quality of signals:

  • Weather: clear weather is ideal, as any thick clouds, heavy rain or snow hinders signals
  • Building materials: everything from concrete, insulation and brick can hinder signals, which is why going outside usually helps
  • Topography of area: if you are in a place surrounded by hills or mountains they could block signals, an effect man-made structures like buildings can have
  • Network congestion: this occurs when there’s too much traffic in a place, which slows the signal
  • Proximity to base stations: the closer you are to a base station, the better the signal is likely to be, which means being too far away has the opposite effect
  • Being underground: the thick earth that separates underground spaces like parking lots may be too impenetrable for signals
  • Interference from other sources: these could come in the form of electromagnetic waves or competing signals
  • Network incompatibility: if the device is 3G, it can’t work with a 5G network

Understanding signal strength metrics

The metrics used to measure signal strength are dBms (decibel-milliwatts) while reporting of it is done as RSRP (Reference Signal Received Power). Interestingly enough, you don’t need a professional to help you with finding RSRP, as apps do exist on your Android or IOS phones that help with this. If you end up using them, below is a guide showing what makes a good and poor RSRP:

  • Anything from -80 and above is excellent
  • Anything from -80 to -90 is good to alright
  • Anything from -90 to -100 is right for the poor
  • Anything below -100 shows no signal

The necessary improvement tool

Now that we have an idea of what signal strength is and what external forces impact it, we can get into the solution meant to improve it. Before we get into the Vodafone mobile phone signal amplifier, however, we should briefly cover a few other solutions that may improve your signal. This includes the following:

  • Restarting your phone
  • Going outside to escape the building materials influence
  • Avoiding interference from other electronic devices
  • Getting a device that’s compatible with the network type
  • Moving around to find a place with a good signal
  • Staying put when it’s found
  • Avoiding bandwidth issues by switching to other apps on your phone

The role of such boosters

If any of the above don’t work, then the booster I’d the way to go. A Vodafone mobile phone signal repeater just like any other is a tool used to gather weak signals, amplify them and redistribute them across the place they’re installed. They consist of a few components, which are as follows:

  • external/donor antenna
  • amplifier
  • internal antenna
  • coaxial cables

The donor antenna gathers the available signal from outside, and it is typically placed on the roof of a building or anywhere where the signal is unimpeded. Via the coaxial cable that restricts losses, the signal is sent to the amplifier inside the building, and it strengthens the signal, to the point that coverage and quality aren’t an issue. It, through the very coaxial cable, sends the boosted signal to the internal antenna, which is placed ideally in the place of need and sends it throughout the area.

Why acquire this solution?

In the hands of a professional, boosters can solve every issue brought about by poor signals, such as bad internet and choppy calls. Also, they’re built with multiple components in such a way that they can fit around any type of space, be it a hospital or an underground parking lot. If a space happens to be too big or has too many people requiring support, simply increasing the number of amplifiers and internal antennas will help.

Another thing that’s great about them is that they can fit whatever network type you need, so if you have a 3G device, the matching booster is out there. The only things to be wary of are the quality of the dealer and the fact that if there’s no signal whatsoever, the booster won’t work.

Then there’s the matter of the tech’s legality, as in the UK, where Vodafone is based, it should be approved. It has also been licensed by Ofcom, otherwise, fines can be incurred. So, when searching for a signal booster, look for someone who follows the laws and regulations of the region or else, stay away from them.

Final thoughts

You can quickly find out that a significant amount of money is spent on global telecommunications. Actually, when you consider the fact that global telecommunications spending is well into the trillion-dollar territory, it should come as no surprise that signal issues are prevalent. To solve these with something like a Vodafone mobile phone signal booster,understanding what causes these issues had to happen, and fortunately the above helps with that. As for the boosters, their build and versatility make them the perfect fix to problems of poor signal.

Finding this asset can only serve you well, provided that the tech is legal. So if you’re interested in Vodafone boosters, seek a dealer that offers legal tools that can meet your specific network and situation needs.