UK Government boiler grant you didn’t know about

The government’s ECO3 scheme was introduced in order to provide qualifying individuals across the UK with affordable and efficient heating through free boiler grants.

This is due to older boilers that are over seven years old working at a much lower efficiency than more modern energy efficient boilers. In some instances, as much as 35p of every pound you spend on heating bills could be being wasted as a result of your inefficient boiler. By contrast, a new A-rated boiler would be estimated to run usually at no less than 90% efficiency, which is an energy loss of 10p or less per pound.

As well as the financial benefits, having a new eco boiler installed can be really good for the environment too. Using an efficient boiler will mean that less energy is needed to heat the home, and as a result so fewer carbon emissions are produced. This will have a big impact on reducing your home’s overall carbon footprint, as well as helping with the government’s overall objective of drastically reducing carbon emission across the UK. Your new smart boiler will be compact and easily hidden away in your store cupboard alongside your tripod ladder and other household items.

Another key benefit is how a new boiler can influence your insurance premiums. After installation, if you contact your home insurance company to inform them it could save you some money. Also, if you are planning to travel, your new smart boiler can be controlled via an app, making it a much more convenient way to manage your energy consumption and bills. A good time to get a new smart boiler might be if you’re moving to a new home. There are a lot of new housing development locations through Anwyl Homes if you’re looking for your forever home now.

Why is the boiler scheme free?

The government has an obligation to reduce carbon emissions and help to reduce the effects of climate change and global warming. Old and ineffective boilers are adding to the amount of energy being lost as they take longer to heat your home. Also, this means your bills are higher than they would be if you had a “greener” eco boiler.

By bringing in the free boiler grants scheme, eligible homeowners can get more environmentally friendly boilers installed, regardless of their ability to get credit, if they have applied for a boiler privately in the past.

Who can qualify for a free boiler grant?

To be eligible for a free boiler grant you must be a homeowner or privately tenant, your boiler must be over seven years old, and you need to be in receipt of at least one income-related benefit. Boilers under seven years old are not involved in the scheme as it is considered more cost-effective to repair a younger boiler than completely replace it. Check out the free boiler grants scheme website to see the full list of qualifying benefits.

If you are claiming one or more of the benefit types provided by the government, it is more likely you will qualify for a free boiler grant through the scheme. Even if you are not receiving any benefits, there are alternative options such as “buy now, pay later” with discounted costs. So, it is always worth checking to see if you’re eligible as, even if you don’t get the full grant, you could receive a new boiler that is subsidised which will still save you a considerable amount of money.

What is our role?

By going through us at Free Boiler Grant Scheme directly, and not using third parties, you can be confident that you will only be dealing with a highly qualified team at each point of the process.

We provide a full end-to-end service, from carrying out the initial survey and guiding you through the process and ensuring all the necessary paperwork is completed on your behalf. We will arrange the installation of your new boiler and arrange the collection and disposal of your old boiler as well as providing a full aftercare service, including a full safety inspection and making sure you’re happy with the end result.

Our professional team have over 15 years of experience in the industry, to help you access the free boiler grant scheme that is local to you. We are proud to be a certified one-stop green deal installer as this will assure you quality and sustainability at all times, if you gain access to the free boiler grants. All of our experts are trained to make sure each boiler is installed quickly and reliably, so you can start enjoying the benefits as soon as possible.