UK gambling profits

Millions of Britons take part in various gambling tournaments every day for extra income or for the purpose of entertainment.

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The gambling industry brings enormous profits to the owners of virtual clubs as well as to the government of the country – a special tax is paid from any such manipulation. Within this article, we will look at a few reasons why gaming has become one of the most in-demand niches, and how much money this sphere brings to the UK treasury.

What accounts for the popularity of gambling in England

These days, apps and websites adapted to different types of devices allow you to gamble anywhere, anytime. This shows that technology has opened the door to the world of gambling for many people who were previously unable to visit land-based establishments. The following are statistics on gambling in Britain for the year 2021:

  • 47% of Brits visit online clubs regularly – at least once a month;
  • 30% of Britons participated in the National Lottery, making it the most popular form of gambling;
  • the average Briton spends £2.60 a week on betting, which adds up to more than £135.20 a year;
  • The UK gambling industry had an average turnover of £14.3 billion in 2021 (up from £10 billion six months earlier);
  • In 2021, the industry had 98,174 employees;
  • The National Lottery contributed £1.6 billion to charities in 2020/2021.

By far the most popular form of gambling entertainment in the UK is the National Lottery, with almost a third of Britons (30%) participating in the last 12 months. Next most popular are card games (13%) and scratch cards. (10%). Sports betting also has a special place in British life with almost 7% of Britons having taken part in it this year.

Gambling industry profitability statistics

The gambling industry in Britain is currently valued at £14.3 billion – more than 90,000 Britons contribute to this sum every day. Between August 2020 and May 2021, online establishments earned around £4,000 million, of which around half came from sports betting and the remaining half from gambling. Below are detailed statistics on returns from the gambling industry in England:

  • £14.3 billion – total gross revenue from gambling in the industry
  • 98,174: number of employees in virtual establishments
  • 7,315: total number of betting shops
  • 1,633: number of slot machines
  • 642: number of bingo rooms
  • 155: total number of casinos

With the growing popularity of virtual clubs, their land-based counterparts are slowly fading into oblivion. Online casinos offer many more options and entertainment and, as such, are making steady progress towards the pinnacle of success. Traditional lovers are having to leave the confines of England and embark on a long journey to Las Vegas or Macau.

UK share of the global online market

According to Edison Investment Research, Europe dominated the global online gambling market in 2019 with a 54% advantage (with the UK yielding as much as 15% of that amount). Asia and the Middle East were next in terms of revenue, with a total share of 13% of the global market. Third place went to North America with their 12%. Thus, it can be concluded that England is one of the most advanced and promising countries in the world of gambling entertainment.

According to the report, the UK has 33.6 million active accounts on online gambling sites. It is also the country that currently has the largest number of licensed virtual club operators on the planet, with over 100 representatives. A look at the historical background shows that Britain was one of the first countries to see the potential scale and income of the online industry. And as England currently holds the top position in this field, it proves that the predictions have fully paid off.

From visiting online casinos in the UK to playing the National Lottery online, people are increasingly enjoying betting through online platforms. According to the Gambling Commission, England’s online gambling revenue last year was £5.6bn – around 38.8% of the country’s total revenue. Online gambling, meanwhile, ranges from casino betting and bingo apps to participating in lotteries or betting on cybersports. Online gambling revenues in the UK are currently among the highest in the world. Liberal legislation (compared to gambling laws in other countries) and advanced technology are considered to be the two main reasons why it is so popular.