UK companies start overseas businesses in the Netherlands

Following the Brexit referendum, hundreds of UK companies have moved their registration to the Netherlands. The entrance of UK Companies to the Netherlands is expected lots of jobs and revenue to the Dutch economy.

Even the UK government is recommending British businesses move operations to nearby EU countries to bypass the hold-ups.

It is very important to support small business owners, mid-level corporations, and even multinationals to establish a company or subsidiary in the Netherlands. We are pleased to serve businesses of any size and domain. Intercompany Solutions runs to give legal and accounting services in the Netherlands and Rotterdam for entrepreneurs worldwide. In addition, we specialize in assisting international clients with their affiliated companies.

UK companies start overseas businesses in the Netherlands

The businesses from the UK consider maintaining the actions of their UK firms in the UK by relocating them to the Netherlands after Brexit. If UK companies start overseas companies in The Netherlands, they can join new companies in the Netherlands while keeping their primary business in the UK itself. The registration of branch offices or subsidiary organizations for expanding their projects in the Netherlands. If needed, such companies can move their entire operations to the Netherlands after closing down the old branch. We can assist you in company registration in the Netherlands in both of the cases.

How to start a business in Netherland?

Among all, the most common structure in Holland is a BV, the parallel of a Pvt Ltc Company. Such types are the most suitable for non-residential entrepreneurs as it just requires a registered business address. Deciding on the shareholder(s) and share-amount you want to put up front is very important. Make sure that you have some identity proof and copies of your documents. With proper planning and local support, anyone can start a new business or branch of their old company in the Netherlands.

What Type Of Company Should You Choose?

Like every other country out there, the Netherlands has different laws, regulations, and legal forms for various companies. Therefore, according to your situation, you may have to take other steps as well. However, if you need guidance and assistance, we are always ready to help and lead your way. Read more…

Why the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has many positive aspects available for business owners who decide to open a branch or outsource services such as logistics or tax services. In addition, there are many other perks of setting up your company in Holland, such as a skilled and highly educated workforce, bilingual workers, skilled IT, modern infrastructure, and many business opportunities in diverse fields.


British companies are naturally attracted towards the Netherlands as an easygoing place to open a Dutch branch or start a new business. The seaports with accessible entrance to the UK add more benefits for firms and trade companies needing a run for imports-exports and freight. Due to Brexit, many UK companies are getting ready to expand in Netherland. Let us use it as an opportunity to invest in something profitable.