UAE Golden Visa for Doctors

The UAE has significantly expanded opportunities for Gold Visas for foreign doctors. As a result, highly qualified medical specialists can live and work in one of the wealthiest and most modern countries.

Many medics worldwide dream of working in modern clinics, having opportunities for professional development and career growth, and, of course, getting a decent salary. The United Arab Emirates today offers such a chance by providing a Golden Visa for doctors, which gives them the right to live and work in the country for ten years.

Until recently, few people could meet the eligibility criteria of UAE Gold Visa Programs, including prominent academics, CEOs of large companies, and big investors. But in 2021, UAE authorities added doctors to that list.

UAE government expects that expanding the Golden Visa program will help to attract and retain the best talent in the scientific field, particularly medicine, which is essential in the fight against Coronavirus.

What are the reasons for obtaining UAE Residence for doctors?

UAE Golden Visa offers a plethora of perks to its holders.

  • The UAE is a state-of-the-art country with advanced infrastructure, transport, healthcare, etc. It is your ticket to a world of prosperity and wealth, where all the advantages of civilization are available.
  • Thanks to a good security policy, UAE has almost no crime. For example, you can even leave your car open at night; it will not go anywhere by the morning. Besides, there are no revolutions or social tensions, so you can rest assured of your safety and the security of your savings at the bank.
  • Local courts protect the rights of residents in the same way as natives. With a Gold Visa in the UAE, you can expect due legal protection if someone abuses your rights.
  • Although it is a Muslim country, it is much more liberal and tolerant towards foreigners than other nations in the region. If you do not violate local laws, you are free to live and work here.
  • One of the serious issues faced by visa residence applicants is finding a national sponsor. But the situation is different in the case of Golden Visa for doctors in the United Arab Emirates. According to the updated requirements, Golden Visa enables foreigners to live, work, and study in the UAE without needing a national sponsor.
  • UAE Golden Visa holders can travel and work freely across the entire country.
  • According to Immigrant Invest specialist Evgeniya Morozova, it is essential to note that Gold Visa gives the right to issue visas for the applicant’s family members (husband/wife and minor children).

What are the requirements for UAE Golden Visa for doctors?

There are specific criteria the foreigners must meet to obtain UAE Golden Visa. Let’s focus on those that relate to medics.

So, the following individuals can apply for the UAE golden visa:

  • Doctors and medical practitioners who have a license from the health regulatory bodies of the UAE.
  • Doctors who specialize in science, innovative medical technologies, and health protection.

As you can see, UAE authorities not only want to keep the specialists already working in the country but also attract new ones.

So, in July 2022, UAE authorities granted Golden Visa status to doctors, nurses, and paramedics fighting COVID-19.

In conclusion

To sum it up, it is safe to say that today, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most attractive countries for doctors worldwide. Moreover, thanks to the opportunities offered by the UAE Golden Visa for doctors, the number of highly qualified medical professionals in the country will only grow.

So, if you meet the requirement, do not hesitate to apply for UAE Golden Visa and discover a new life for yourself and your family.