Turkey is the best country for hair transplant

Day by day, we keep hearing news about the hair transplantation procedures.

New techniques, people who cross the oceans and come to our country to have a hair transplantation done, the growing demand every passing day and the innovations that follow these demands are indispensable and subordinate to not only the people who have hair transplants but also to our country as well. In our country which has been regarded as the world’s hair transplantation center, we asked Dr. Ziya Yavuz, the first choice of several local and foreign patients who has been pursuing his hair transplantation activities with a respectable amount of case history about the hair transplantation process for you.

We are truly delighted to have you here. We know you have a pretty tight schedule. Thus, it is very dear to us that you were able to make time for us. Welcome.

Thank you for your invitation, it’s my pleasure.

You are one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to hair transplants. You have been hosting hair transplantation patients from all around the world for many years. Could you briefly tell us about how this popularity and demand came about and the hair transplant practices you have done? 

First of all, thank you for your kind words and appraisals. Frankly, our country has already a heavy popularity in the field of hair transplants. Thanks to our country’s popularity, I can say that I possess many great advantages considering that of my colleagues abroad. Despite many inland centers, I think the most significant reason why my patients opt for me is the fact that I work in a patient focused way. High patient satisfaction and a result of a successful hair transplant is very essential for me. For this reason, I maintain everything with my team; from closely following up with my patients from the beginning of the process and consultation examinations, to the follow ups post process.

Aside from my patient satisfaction focus, today I carry through my transplantation procedures at the hospital within the Acıbadem Health Group, which has been acknowledged as Turkey’s biggest hospital group. When it comes to hair transplant turkey operations, most people see these procedures as an ordinary practice. However, all hair transplant applications are basically surgical operations. Therefore, they should be done in a full-fledged hospital, operating room environment. The health of my patients is my top priority. That’s why I do my planting in a good hospital. I think the conditions of the place I use and my approach to patients are the most effective factors in the formation of this high demand.

DHI and FUE techniques, which include Sapphire FUE also, are among the hair transplant techniques I most frequently use. These are techniques that have low risk of complications, allow patients to recover quickly, and allow us to achieve a natural appearance. They are the latest technologies that are currently accepted in the world when it comes to hair transplantation.

We have been hearing about the SAPPHIRE FUE technique quite frequently lately. Some consider the SAPPHIRE FUE technique as a separate technique on its own and say that it is the backbone of hair transplantation today, while others say that there is no need to exaggerate, it is a slightly more advanced version of the FUE technique. What is your opinion on this?

I can say that I disagree with both ideas : ) If we say that Sapphire FUE is a completely different technique, we will create a wrong impression. In the Sapphire FUE technique, the whole process proceeds as in the FUE technique. The only feature that distinguishes this method from the FUE technique we are used to is the special sapphire heads used in the process. Normally, steel heads are used in the FUE technique. In the Sapphire FUE technique, special sapphire heads are used while making the incision. These heads, of course, provide many advantages to both us specialists and patients. The biggest advantage for us is that the incisions we make are much better because it sapphire is way sharper than steel. Therefore, making incisions with sapphire heads allows the incision to be completed much cleaner. For our patients, the biggest advantage is a fast and trouble-free recovery as a result of clean and more accurate incisions. However, some patients may show an allergic reaction to steel, in such cases we could not use the FUE technique before. Today, the sapphire fue technique eliminates the risk of allergic reactions. Therefore, if we make a brief evaluation, the Sapphire FUE technique is neither a separate hair transplant technique on its own, nor does it have negligible effects.

And then there is the famous shaveless option of DHI, do you use this method with your patients? What can you tell us about the results?

Of course, I evaluate my patients during the consultation. If the patient is suitable for it, I recommend it as an option. DHI means Direct Hair Implantation. It is done with a special tool called the Implanter Pen. With this method hair follicles are harvested one by one. Channels are opened and the hairs are implanted simultaneously. DHI takes longer than FUE but especially in narrow areas the DHI method gives very successful results. In addition there’s the topic of ‘shaveless hair transplant’. Some patients do not want their head shaved, in these cases we prefer the DHI method, if the patient is suitable.

What would you say about the approach “We are the Hair Transplant Center of the World” that I mentioned and you seemed to agree with? What makes Turkey so popular in hair transplant and what makes more patients come here each year? Why is Turkey so popular?

I believe this is one of my most answered questions lately. Right now Turkey is so immensely popular and such a preferred option that people are taken aback by this. It would be wrong to say that foreign patients see something that locals don’t. Medical training is at a very high level in our country. Our doctors are really proficient in their fields and receive excellent training. Our treatments and attitude towards patients, coupled with this know how becomes a blessing for a lot of tourists. Locals are already used to good doctors but our foreign patients are really surprised and happy by both the attention they receive and how quickly and comfortably their procedures are completed. This is the human part of the equation. There’s also a financial component of our popularity. When we look at health spending in Europe and the US, we can see that best hair transplant Turkey offers lot more affordable conditions. When we put everything in perspective and consider both finances and human factors, it becomes clear why we are so popular when it comes to hair transplants