Transform your home office with wooden shutters

victorian bay window shutters

There’s an ever increasing number of us now working from home – whether it be part time or full time – and the demand for home offices is accordingly increasing.

What then stumps many is getting the decorating aspect right – including window dressing. Enter: shutters.

Now, you might be reading this thinking that decorating a home office would be a doddle, but there is in fact quite a few different aspects that you need to take into account, many of which are overlooked. Window dressing is often overlooked and having outdoor light giving glare on computer screens can really impede productivity. So let’s look at reasons why shutters are the most practical dressing to add flare to your workspace at home.

Shutters help prevent distraction

We’ve all found ourselves (especially myself that works from a bay-window) looking on into the outside world from our office and floating off into a bit of a daydream – naturally, this is not productive. A good home office requires few distractions so that we can be efficient in our home office environment. Café-style shutters are great for this kind of thing!

Let there be (no) light!

 So there’s a few things we can say is great about having plenty of light – and a well-lit office area is always recommended. However, glare on a computer screen can be monolithically annoying and can impede your working experience. Sure, having something like plantation shutters, or wooden shutters you’re going to block out a lot of natural light. Try and find a happy medium and have some light coming through, but not enough to cause an abundance of glare on your computer screen(s).


This one’s a biggie – none of us want prying eyes on our valuables – especially not within our home offices. Having shutters that allow you to either let in natural light of cocoon yourself in darkness also means that you can avert prying eyes from seeing valuable through your windows when you’re not at home. For this reason, blinds and shutters are massive advantages and are recommended to anyone looking to keep their valuables hidden from display – especially if you’re office is next to an open window on a ground floor.

Style and Design

Here’s the biggie for all of us – above all else – we want our home offices to look truly fantastic and shutters can add real character to any room – including the home office. From rustic-style wooden shutters, café style shutters and plantation shutters – the choice is almost endless to suit every style to suit your specific needs – personally, I like the wooden look.

The best thing to do prior to choosing suitable shutters or blinds for your home office is to first plan colour schemes and room lay-out. This is imperative to mapping out a perfect, stylish office that suits your personality and what environment you  would be most content working in.

Lost for ideas? Luckily there are experts across the UK to help you choose the best possible blinds or shutters to suit your home office. A great choice is someone like Shutters Sale based in Tolworth.