Trading System – Good, Bad, Ugly

In order to learn how to trade profitably, you need to learn and master some trading systems. The key to trading is to become a master of several trading strategies, not all-rounders.

A trading system is important because it provides a structure, a set of rules, and a plan to follow. In this article, we discuss the different types of trading strategies currently on the market and teach you how to identify which is the best trading system. offers a collection of great trading tips and guides.

Indicator-Based Trading System

Indicator-driven strategies that are approached with extreme caution are often designed by someone who has noticed that this setup is now working. The problem is that it is working at this point and very little analysis has been done to understand the longevity of this trading system.

The biggest problem with indicator-based trading systems is that they use indicators to generate trading signals as opposed to pure price action. As the indicator lags, it tends to provide a worse and slower signal than the net price action, which is the latest information on the chart.

However, many amateur traders find this trading strategy too tempting because this trading system often looks interesting and ‘sexy’ on the charts.

A Trading System That Actually Works

Price Action Trading Strategy

Now we are pleased to inform you that the best trading system you have been waiting for is price action. Price action trading is reading raw price action on a chart. Prices are the most up-to-date information on the chart, so when you read the chart, it’s up to date. As a trading system, price action is an incredibly simple method that is both effective and functional, as it works in both trend and range markets that are counter-trend. Learning price behavior can simplify trading and significantly improve results. With price action, traders have the advantage of being able to trade in any market at any time frame as the price action setting is effective in all market conditions.

Learn Price Action Trading System:

Pin Bar Settings

The pin bar price action trading strategy is a reversal system. It is designed to trade the highs and lows of the market and can also be used to sustain a trend by buying a decline in an uptrend and selling a high in a downtrend.

Inner Bar Settings

The inner bar can be used very effectively for online trading. A trend continuation strategy, mainly used when trading strong trending markets.

Engle Ping Bar Settings

A tight bar is good for trend reversals. They are rare but very strong price action reversal signals. It can be used to trade a trend, but is usually found at the end of a trend reversal.

Don’t be overwhelmed by just a few price action trading strategies. Trade these settings in a few different currency pairs. Build your confidence. Familiarize yourself with identifying settings and really understand how to enter transactions step by step. Start with one price action trading system and add another trading system only when you are completely comfortable.


It’s fair to say that you can’t go far wrong as long as you stick to things like price action trading or old-school technical analysis. Get alerts on the various indicator systems on the forum and get trading training from experienced traders and companies that provide real-time trading results.

One of the biggest problems that inexperienced traders create is switching and switching between different trading strategies. Choose a trading system and strategy that suits your personality. It may take a few tries, but once you find something you like and can trade consistently, keep going.