Top Tech Blogger Rashed Ali Almansoori talks tech revolution

“I aspire to spread tech awareness to as many users as possible “ says Top Tech Blogger Rashed Ali Almansoori

Reviewing the United Arab Emirate’s evolution process over the past few years is a shock to many on how fast this nation has developed from transportation to technology and anything in between. One might wonder how did this nation managed to develop this much and that rapidly?

Well beside the active role of the diligent UAE government, it is with no doubt thanks to the younger generations! And when we talk about younger generations, we cannot simply miss a name responsible for the technology revolution on the UAE! Rashed Ali Almansoori

Being a leading Tech innovator, digital creator and a multi-talented middle eastern man is a not a combination one would see every day. Add this to being a reputable journalist that many admire and you get a combination that is even rarer and comes with challenges that the brave man of UAEis most likely up for it. Having such uniquecombination coupled with his various talents and consistent hard work has made his name synonymous to success, and his achievements and story in the talk of local and international news outlets and magazines.

His success story was not a coincidence as many success stories we have seen, he planned to utilize his passion for tech since childhood to benefit the nation. “My country has given me the opportunity to grow and develop, and it is a pleasure for me to give back to my beautiful nation through the thing I love, and it is tech”

Today, he took his ambition to the next level by not only creating useful Instagram lenses but also creating a smart chip innovative device during the global crisis, that helped people communicate remotely in a safe way. His continuous commitment to his nation and his passion drives his consistent effort as one of the top digital creators in the Middle east, trafficking 300,000 Instagram followers to his informative account. He has successfully one of the largest video libraries consisting of concise educational videos that is comprehendible to all ages and also people that are non-Arabic speakers since he does a great job on managing the visuals.

Mr. Almansoori also has a large following on his verified Snapchat account that speaks volume about the value of his content that came for a good reason. Thanks to his continuous efforts to educate people around the world, people became more aware about their internet usage in terms of entertainment and security. The young man is also a cyber security expert and thanks to him hundreds of thousands of people around the world lives have changed for the better. Confirmed by mentioning “ I aspire to spread tech awareness to as much users as possible “. Mr. Almansoori shows an ideal example of how one would you use his influence as an opportunity to benefit people, and in a such a young age of 30-years old he definitely has much more to show the world given his unstoppable, determination and courage. Therefore, we wish him best of luck in his future plans.