Top reasons you should get PMP certified

PMP, also known as Project management professional certification, is a certification from the (PMI) project management institute. For you to qualify for this certification, you must meet the minimum threshold.

These requirements include having a secondary diploma or degree, having experience directing or leading non-overlapping projects within the last eight years, and having proof of 35 hours of project management training. The many reasons you should go for the certification include:

Sets You Apart

If you are a project manager, a PMP certification is a valuable certificate that distinguishes you from the rest. Many established organizations recruiting a project manager would absorb you any day without any challenges. When sieving through applicants’ profiles, the potential employers will prioritize you. Given that project management jobs are high in demand, most recruiters will use this certification to cut off non-certified applicants. They filter out other applicants before the actual project management interviews. Although the PMP exam is challenging, getting valid and the latest study materials from an experienced IT certification exam trainer like SPOTO will help you get this coveted certificate.

Besides, many organizations are currently making this a mandatory requirement. For this reason, you may be limited from applying for some positions without it.

Gives Global Recognition

This certification is globally recognized, and so it allows you to work in any industry and geographic location. Companies value these PMP certificates since research shows that certified project managers complete assigned projects timely and within a set budget.

Equips You with Essential Skills

This certification teaches you essential skills. These exams require extensive preparation since the certificate is of a high standard. The examinations require you to attain soft and hard skills. You get to muster the best practices and current project management trends. Furthermore, the certification builds your fundamental knowledge of project management methodologies, tools, and processes as you learn new techniques.

Better Income

Project managers who have this certificate can receive better pay. Research shows that certified professionals receive considerably higher salaries. Furthermore, with project management professional certification, you get better job security. Most companies value PMP-certified staff’s competency, and in the case of a layout, their position is secure.

 Provides Better Opportunities for Networking

The project management institute regularly organizes member meetings in different regions. Through these meetings, their members earn professional development units. These units help to keep your certification for three years. Such networking opportunities can help one to get better job opportunities and mentor other PMP aspirants. The institute further has online and offline platforms for member interaction.

Indicates Dedication to the Job

For one to get this certification, you have to meet the minimum requirements. An associate requires five years of experience while a bachelor’s degree only three. The employers’’ understand the sacrifice and commitment one must have to succeed in the exams. Therefore, passing the exams shows a sense of dedication. Going for the certification is a significant investment, and it shows your commitment to a project management career. It also shows your desire to improve your professional knowledge and abilities.

If you are a project manager and second-guessing whether to go for PMP certification, don’t do so. The fundamental motivating reasons are the certification sets you apart, give universal recognition, equips you with better networking opportunities and skills, shows dedication to the job, and earns better income.