Top rated hair transplant clinics in Turkey

We would like to make changes in our appearance from time to time. Sometimes it can be our fashion style, sometimes our hair color and sometimes our hair.

We look for solutions to stop hair loss in order to get rid of the areas where we complain about baldness. Hair transplantation, which is preferred by all men and women who cannot get adequate results from hair treatments, is one of the applications when we need renew ourselves.

 Turkey, which has become a world brand in hair transplantation, is now the homeland of many hair transplantation clinics and hosts hair transplantation patients from different geographies of the world. Understanding the importance of meticulousness and sensitive approach in hair transplantation and determining a patient-oriented hair transplantation procedure in this context, Medhair Clinic is among the centers that perform the most hair transplant Turkey.

Turkey, which has become a world brand in hair transplantation, is now the homeland of many hair transplantation clinics and hosts candidates from different geographies of the world. Understanding the importance of sensitive approach in hair transplantation and determining a patient-oriented hair transplantation procedure, Medhair Clinic is among the centers that perform the most hair transplantation in Turkey.

Medhair Clinic, which is the choice of many local and foreign hair transplant candidates, is on the way to becoming a world brand with the hair transplant treatments that have been operating for many years, and proudly represents Turkey in terms of success in hair transplant. Medhair Clinic, which accepts hundreds of hair transplant candidates from different parts of the world such as the Middle East, America, Europe and even Australia, is the best hair transplant center and also performs beard transplantation.

Medhair Clinic, which facilitates the selection of hair transplant candidates by offering free hair analysis, performs successful hair transplants by using the popular and effective techniques of recent years, such as SAFİR FUE, FUE and DHI.

The Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Medhair Clinic, which has the title of the best hair transplantation center in Turkey with its high patient satisfaction, provides services to its candidates with up-to-date treatments by following the technologies and innovations in hair transplantation. Medhair Clinic, which performs hair transplantation with successful and experienced team, is also the pioneer of many successful hair transplantation results and plays an active role in the rise of hair transplantation in Turkey.

Being aware of the fact that hair transplantation is an important procedure and that it should be planned with great care, Medhair Clinic provides the right planning to its patients by showing the necessary sensitivities.

Which hair transplantation techniques are used in Turkey?

Turkey, which is a very successful country in terms of the application of hair transplantation, is one of the countries that use many innovative technologies when it comes to hair transplantation. However, the popular hair transplantation technique of recent years is undoubtedly the Sapphire-FUE. The most basic characteristic that distinguishes the SAPPHIRE-FUE technique, in which follicular units are removed one by one directly from the donor area and transplanted to the recipient area, from the classical FUE are the special instruments used during the incision. Thanks to these special instruments, small incisions can be made on the scalp due to the fact that sapphire is a sharp material, and this causes candidates to recover faster.

Sapphire-FUE technique, which is one of the frequently preferred due to its practical and safe application as well as rapid recovery, is one of the most frequently used techniques in Turkey in recent years. In addition to FUE and Sapphire-FUE, DHI technique is frequently preferred especially in hair transplantation in narrow areas.

Things to consider for those who want to have a hair transplant?

The first thing you need to do is to find the best hair transplant turkey center. Although there are hundreds of hair transplant centers in Turkey, the number of patient-oriented clinics such as Medhair Clinic that has been performing hair transplant for more than ten years is very few. In addition, people who consider hair transplantation as a great source of income but do not have expertise open clinics and cause unsuccessful hair transplantation results. Therefore, candidates who want to get a hair transplant should make a very careful selection when choosing a hair transplant center, and the experience, knowledge and previous transplants of the specialist who will do the hair transplant should be checked.

Hair transplantation is a team work. Therefore, when it comes to hair transplantation, all responsibility belongs not only to specialist, but also to you. In order to talk about a successful hair transplant, it is important that you follow the instruction given to you before and after the hair transplant. For example, you should stop consuming vitamins, blood thinners and herbal tea one week before the day of hair transplantation. However, in the first 3 days after hair transplantation, you should pay more attention to the recipient area and avoid all activities that will traumatize this area.

Immediately after hair transplantation, you should stop smoking and alcohol consumption, and take a break from sports activities that cause you to sweat for a while.

In order to achieve successful results, specialists and candidates who would like to have a hair transplantation must be in harmony. Otherwise, undesirable results and delayed recovery may occur in hair transplantation. However, if you follow the directions of the experts after hair transplantation, your new hairs start to grow.

Cost of hair transplant in 2022

Hair transplant prices vary every year depending on certain parameters. The cost of hair transplantation depends on the increase in costs, the inclusion of new technologies in the hair transplantation process, the materials used and even the number of specialists involved in the procedure. However, the clinics also affect the prices of hair transplant, and each clinic has its own price policies.

Hair transplantation is one of the ideal methods for women and men who have not received sufficient result from hair treatments for a long time, and who suffer from the hair loss.

Hair transplantation, which is planned correctly and performed with the appropriate technique for the candidate, is a long-term application. Before hair transplantation, determining the front hairline symmetrically and in accordance with the facial anatomy of the person, planting the hair grafts taken from the donor area according to the natural growth direction of the hair in the recipient area are among the details that lead to success in hair transplantation. Considering these details, hair transplantations provide high patient satisfaction, and a natural appearance is achieved in the hair of patients after hair transplantation.

In Turkey, where FUE, Sapphire-FUE and DHI techniques are frequently applied, you can always contact Medhair Clinic if you want to have a hair transplant. Thanks to the online consultation opportunity that Medhair Clinic offers to its patients, you can have your hair analyzed in advance, and after you find out whether you are suitable for hair transplantation. After that you can start your hair transplantation process by visiting Medhair Clinic.

Medhair Clinic maintains its leading position among other hair transplantation centers in Turkey and shows its success in hair transplantation not only in Turkey but also by hosting hundreds of candidates from abroad every year.

To renew your appearance and have new hair, contact to the Medhair Clinic today and change your look with hair transplantation!