Top new Android apps for April 2019

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We entered May not so long ago and for those that don’t know, April had several new Android apps releases.

The apps released covered various categories so don’t worry; there is an app for your exact need. Below, we list just some of the apps which we think are worth mentioning.

Android Apps Released in April 2019

As reported by some time ago, Android users were delighted when sports betting apps were introduced on the Google Play Store. They loved that they could finally play their favourite casino games on their mobile devices. However, that’s not all that you can do on your phone. Read below to find out some of the apps released recently that we think are worth mentioning.

Firefox Send

Firefox Send is a file sharing app that you can download for free on the Play Store. It offers a hassle- free way to transfer all your files, including videos, images and music. The app also allows you to access, as well as sends files from your cloud storage.

To use this app, you must enter the expiration details and then assign a password before uploading. Soon after, you will only need to share the link. With Firefox Send, you can share up to 1GB, which is quite impressive.


Endel promises that it will boost your productivity, as well as your focus. The tracks, although powered algorithmically, will surely work for you. To start using it, it needs location and time zone permissions so that it can tailor the soundscapes.


What Daywise does is, it bundles up all your notifications and then shows them to you in batches so that you aren’t distracted. It will group your apps including sports betting, Gmail, games, and Facebook Messenger into 2 batches, which are Instant and Batched. Instant apps will be shown in real time while Batched apps will be shown later.

Insta Story

Insta Story jazzes up your Instagram Stories. You will get templates in pastel shades to suit your photos. Also, it carries some filters so as to spruce up your photos.