Top Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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All business owners of every business size know the importance of great marketing. For owners of big businesses, their job is simple, hire a marketing expert and watch the cash roll in.

However, when you’re the owner of a small business, cash flow means that sometimes you have to take a more hands-on approach. If you don’t have the budget to just hire a marketer, then here are some tips that could help to boost your business.

Something For Nothing

The big players in the online casino industry are absolute masters of marketing and if you have one of their assets, you could improve your results by a lot. Online casinos are able to offer enticing deals which allow people to win real money online casino for free because the product that they are selling doesn’t have a physical cost to them.

Giving away free spins is possible because there is no cost of manufacture for a ‘spin’, nor unit cost, or materials to buy. The only cost comes if the player wins, by which point your marketing aim of getting the customer to play on your site has been completed.

This means that you only pay for your marketing if it works as planned. If you have a business where you can also offer a ‘freebie’ that has no cost to you, then this marketing tip is a valuable one. Is your product based on digital downloads, access to online content, or something ‘intangible’? Take note of this strategy.

Creating Customer Loyalty

 Think of the last time you bought a takeaway coffee. Was it from a shop you have a loyalty card for? Do you go to that shop more than all the other coffee shops because you want that free coffee at the end of the card?

If you’ve answered yes to either of those questions, then you already know the value of loyalty card marketing. Supermarkets, coffee shops, hairdressers, garages, and frequent-stop shops offer loyalty cards because where competition is high, customer retention is key.

If your business sells something that is consumable or needs to be purchased frequently, then consider ordering yourself loyalty cards. It might just give you that edge over a competing business.

Social Media Savvy?

So many businesses are clamouring to be heard in the social media sphere, so if you haven’t got your strategy down to a T, it’s no wonder yours isn’t being heard.

While many people tout the idea that frequency is everything, when it comes to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter marketing, they’re forgetting one important thing; quality. If you only post a couple of times a week, but your content is high quality, attractive to customers, and has a well thought-out call to action message, this is far more valuable than half a dozen hastily put together images.

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important to remember that quality is always more important than quantity. Stick to this simple rule and you’ll see better engagement in all of your future posts.