Top health benefits of cannabis that will improve your overall well-being

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You’ve probably heard talk of the cannabis plant. And you’ve most likely heard something negative about it.

Cannabis consumption is still a controversial topic and a point of debate in many circles. However, it is good to remember that it was first domesticated twelve thousand years ago in East Asia and continued to be cultivated throughout the centuries because of its multitude of properties. Recent clinical studies and research show its effectiveness in the pain management of patients dealing with chronic and neurological conditions. This is why a large market has developed for cannabis products, from oils to teas to even skincare and workout gear infused with cannabis. If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits of this miracle plant, have a look at the following.

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is not only a symptom of many health conditions. It is also the direct cause of many acute and chronic diseases. Long-term inflammation in the body causes healthy cells and, by extension, tissues and organs to suffer in the form of internal scarring and DNA damage. This process has been linked to heart diseases, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease, among others. Your immune system may also become overactive, resulting in the appearance of autoimmune conditions. If you suspect you may be suffering from inflammation, consider trying cannabis. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds, called terpenes, which suppress cytokine production and inhibit cell proliferation. Roughly 200 terpenes have been identified so far in cannabis, among them linalool, which has a positive effect on mental health, borneol which provides stress-relief and helps reduce fatigue, and limonene, known for its potentially anti-carcinogenic properties.

Treats gastrointestinal dysfunction

Recent research shows that cannabis can positively reduce the uncomfortable symptoms associated with digestive tract disorders such as IBS or Crohn’s disease. It is the same anti-inflammatory substances that soothe the manifestation of these illnesses. While they cannot cure the ailments themselves, they can alleviate symptoms, which in turn makes for improved quality of life. It’s essential to make sure the plant you consume comes from a trusted source with a high standard for the quality of their product. If you want to make sure you consume a product that’s been fashioned to fit your taste completely, purchase cannabis seeds and cultivate it yourself, if it’s legal to do so in your state or region. When growing your own cannabis plants, you can choose the type of cannabis you think would be best for you by researching the blog or website in order to decide which strain is most suitable for you. There’s plenty of varieties, whether appropriate to be grown indoors or outdoors, as well as a large number of different types of cannabis such as Blueberry, Haze, or White Widow, Northern Lights or Sour Diesel. This way,  you ensure you’re getting exactly what you want and need.

Lowers blood pressure

Cannabis lends a helping hand to people suffering from high blood pressure. It has a potent effect on both resting blood pressure and blood pressure after mental and physical stress. Studies have yielded positive results, particularly in the case of older adults suffering from hypertension. This is very important because high blood pressure increases the risk of potentially deadly issues such as heart attack or stroke. It can be difficult to properly control and monitor high blood pressure levels, which is where cannabis can help most. Studies have recorded a marked decrease in the blood pressure, electrocardiogram and blood test values for a 24-hour period following medical cannabis consumption. These findings are consistent with the belief that cannabis positively impacts blood pressure levels and helps maintain the values within standard markers. Of course, you need to consume good quality cannabis products for this purpose. But where can you find them? The answer is by searching the cannabis community. It’ll help you find reputed dispensaries and delivery services. Plus, you can find more info about them and their products through reviews. So, it would help if you gave it a try.

Eases anxiety symptoms

Perhaps the most well-known use of cannabis is in helping with the remediation of anxiety and panic disorders. It can prove beneficial even in the case of OCD and PTSD, by reducing symptoms such as intrusive thoughts and anxiety in the case of the former, while PTSD patients who consume cannabis  see an overall decrease in their symptoms compared to those that  don’t. It is important to choose plants that are high-quality, and what better way to do that than be in charge of the growing process? Go for autoflower cannabis seeds if you are a newbie when it comes to tending to a cannabis plant. There’s no reason to overthink it. Autoflowering seeds grow into plants notoriously easy to look after. They move from vegetative growth to the flowering state irrespective of the amount of light they’re receiving compared to other day-light dependent varieties.

Research has shown that cannabis has many therapeutic effects when it comes to neuropsychiatry. It can work as an antipsychotic, neuroprotective and anticonvulsant. The FDA has recently approved cannabis as an official treatment method for complex, severe epilepsy. Some of these, such as Dravet syndrome, a rare genetic disorder responsible for catastrophic seizures, can be very difficult to keep under control and properly medicate. Clinical trials still continue, but the development of new types of medications can potentially improve the condition of many patients all over the world.

Prevents substance addiction

Cannabis can be useful in helping people deal with substance abuse. Whether alcohol or hard drugs, cannabis can help reduce the stress-induced cravings people can develop, which decreases the likelihood of relapsing. Cannabis can also help reduce the gravity of withdrawal symptoms which can become quite severe in some people and include extreme fatigue and nausea, restlessness, irritability and an altered state with unpredictable mood swings or aggression. Studies have shown evidence that cannabis has a positive effect on the anxiety associated with substance addiction, as well as helping regulate impulses and ensuring the patients control their cravings more efficiently. While there is no treatment program focusing solely on cannabis, it can be used as complementary therapy. As science reveals more of its benefits, it is likely to become more widely used and a more trusted source of treatment.

Whether the negative stigma has made you reluctant or even previous use which turned out to be unpleasant, it is worth researching and finding out more about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. There are so many benefits to cannabis and many more that are still to be researched and discovered. We do not yet completely understand all the benefits cannabis has on the human body, all that it contains and the variety of ways in which it can help. But we’re getting closer to unlocking all of its mysteries and discovering all of its properties. So if you believe it can be a valid and effective treatment for you, don’t hesitate to contact a professional and ask for additional information. It may just be what you need.