Top 5 Benefits of Working with a NetSuite Implementation Partner

If implemented correctly, NetSuite is an incredibly powerful tool that can make a significant impact on any business.

It has the potential to accelerate and leverage your business processes, give you further insight into what is and is not working, as well as provide a compelling business advantage over your competition. With 31,000 businesses of all sizes on the platform, NetSuite easily  tackles any  company’s ever-changing needs.

But to make the most out of your investment, you need to make sure that NetSuite implementation and setup is done properly. Right from the very start. This begins with the first stage of planning, right through to implementation, testing, and any ongoing maintenance required post launch.

For the best chance of ensuring your project is successful, you need someone well-versed in the software and able to commit full time to the process. To achieve that, working with a NetSuite certified partner is your safest bet – it offers a range of advantages over going directly to NetSuite alone.

It can feel overwhelming trying to decide which NetSuite implementation partner is right for you, as there are a countless number to choose from. To ease this process, we’ve listed 5 benefits and traits to look for when choosing to work with a NetSuite partner:


When you purchase a NetSuite license from a NetSuite certified partner, your license cost, discounts and terms are the same as if you purchased through NetSuite directly. Your license and subscription contract is still with NetSuite. The key difference being, once you work with a NetSuite implementation partner, your business can get instant access to expertise – expertise that will save you time and money during a complex period for your business. Building this relationship from the get-go is essential to maximizing the ROI of your ERP.


ERP implementations can be extremely time consuming. In fact, they are such a long and meticulous process that your NetSuite implementation partner naturally becomes deeply ingrained with your own team. Because of this, partnering with a team that is compatible with your own will vastly improve flow of information and communication throughout the project.

Good communication with your NetSuite implementation partner can keep your team up to date on the project’s progress, as well as any hurdles that may arise…and they will arise. It’s important to have someone who knows what they’re doing and knows how to communicate efficiently and effectively, in a way that keeps everybody calm and informed.


More often than not, larger companies that already use the NetSuite ERP system  are not optimized to their full potential. NetSuite partners can review your existing ERP configuration, identifying opportunities to maximize efficiency, save money, remove unnecessary features, and identify features with untapped potential. Huge companies have greater customization needs because there is a lot more data and business processes that have grown with the business throughout the years. A well-configured and consistently optimized ERP system makes existing employees’ lives easier.


With experience across various industries, a NetSuite partner who is familiar with the processes and business requirements of a particular industry will have the knowledge needed to leverage add-ons, configurations, or modules developed for your needs.

Not only can your NetSuite implementation partner give you industry specific knowledge,  they can also highlight common pain points and challenges faced by similar businesses so that you can prepare for them as a team.

A good NetSuite partner also offers a wide range of knowledge and insights to share and showcase its footprint within the industry.


Even after your new system is up and running, the benefits do not stop there. Many NetSuite implementation partners have the resources and understanding of the platform to continue supporting it for the remainder of its life. A good NetSuite partner can easily hop in and update/fix errors that may arise after implementation.

Final Thoughts

Every business is different. You’ve already figured out the product you want. Now that you know the benefits of working with a NetSuite partner, it’s time to decide who you want to take care of your business. With ERP systems being massive investments, choosing the right partner will be tantamount to your success.

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