Top 5 yacht destinations in Croatia

The yachting season is on its way and you are already making plans to book a boat and go on board.

The yachting season is on its way and you are already making plans to book a boat and go on board.

In Europe, there are few places where you may find good offers during the yachting season, but one place pops out.

Chartering a yacht in Croatia may seem awkward in terms of choice, but this country has exclusive popularity in the sailing industry. During the summer season between April and October, this country provides amazing views and remarkable destinations for the tastes of its visitors. Croatia is currently the leading charting power worldwide with its numerous vessels.

Why choose Croatia?

Here are some major reasons why you should select Croatia for your yachting destinations:

  • The climate — allows you to enjoy more than a hundred sunny hours each year;
  • Architectural design — there are plenty of historical and cultural cities, beautiful coasts, luxury restaurants, and incredible nature;
  • Mediterranean sea — describes best the Mediterranean climate in terms of warm winds and amazing weather;
  • One of the best charter destinations — the world’s charter fleet is highly prioritised, counting for about forty percent.

Moreover, naval security is at a high level, so safety is also considered.

Charter a yacht in Croatia

This country is appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced crews if you decide to rent a yacht for your holiday. Croatia allows you to choose between 7 sailing destinations amongst which are Kornati, Ionian, and Split. You also have the option to book your private yacht by port or through a company. The requirements for Whether you have a specific licence for a Standard or Radio Operator, you can always hire a boat, which corresponds to your needs. For additional means, you can always book a professional skipper. By this way, you could emphasise the landscapes and the picturesque elements of your holiday.

Hvar Island is best for yachting

As we speak about the boating opening, this location has its preferable recommendation. This beautiful spot is among the most beautiful destinations, because of its marvellous historical background, relaxed atmosphere, wonderful landscapes, and great architecture. It is considered among the top 5 places to visit by renting yacht because it consists of beaches with inland lavender fields and coves that will leave you breathless. Hvar could be explored by your vessel in a way that will capture all of its major features and leave a remarkable memory.

The Brac Island

Further down our list, we could mention Brac. The place is popular with its undisturbed coves, the relaxing environment, and the local food traditions. From the deck of your yacht, the whole place catches your eye with views such as a horseshoe-shaped beach, traditional architecture, and other beautiful sightseeing, that represent the Croatian lifestyle. These types of destinations also give an astonishing perspective of the islands in Croatia, because it is considered the host. The Adriatic islands may also be noticed when you go sailing with your yacht. The rugged terrain will contribute to your vacation if you decide to step foot on Croatian soil.

The Korcula town

This isle overflows with natural landscapes. The vintage style of Croatia is highly expressed with the hidden beaches, groves, and other amazing agricultural products such as olives and grapes. From the board of your yacht, you could notice that the town is not that overcrowded because most tourists spend a couple of days there. Furthermore, this trip to Korcula is just a day trip to other famous cities in Croatia – Dubrovnik and Split. The place possesses oodles of beautiful seaside, and some of the sandier parts are within isolated bays, that have amazing views that will leave you speechless.

The island for couples

Lastovo is the most beautiful isle when you have to spend your holiday with your closest person. The peace and charm of the horizon from the view of your yacht will help you make the most of your stay on board. The way to get there is from Dubrovnik and Korcula, as are most of the destinations in that particular area. An island with awe-spinning views and bits of rugged terrain will transform a couple’s vacation into an unforgettable fairytale. The warm breezes and lovely sunrises will assure that your sailing will turn into a romantic experience.

Other areas to visit

The last of the top 5 recommended destinations is called Kornati. They are located alongside the Dalmatian coast and are well-known for their wildlife, particularly exotic animals such as snakes and lizards. Other species that can be viewed from the deck are falcons, buzzards, peregrine falcons, and kestrels. The characteristic aspect of the isles lies within the uneven seaside of each one covered with caves and coves, formatting the shape of a crown. Every summer evening, there are many boats spread all over the seaside of the island, creating this place in a picturesque way.

Low-cost destinations

Another aspect you need to consider when sailing around the island destinations of Croatia is the financial one. Several websites, such as Yasido, have selected the most affordable vacations at very reasonable prices and also provided the exact number of vessels available. Remember that when you have separated a specific amount of money, the features provided will not be as satisfactory as you expected. However, Croatia is the cheapest destination for hiring a yacht in Europe, so if you are planning to take this journey, do not hesitate and go on board to start your marvelous adventure.

The sailing destinations in Croatia are considered among the most visited during the summer period. The monetary benefit of this country places it among the top world destinations for vacation. The opportunity to plan your yacht trips enables you to go around most of the islands in a short period of time. However, take into consideration that there is a limitation period for each renting package. Moreover, you could always switch your way of sailing by booking out your yacht and chartering another vessel. Lastly, do not forget to bring appropriate equipment in case of an emergency.