Top 5 places where students can volunteer online


Participating in good causes can come in multiple ways.

While some individuals may dedicate part of their income to charitable organizations, some may volunteer and get involved directly. Volunteers use their skills and knowledge to make the world a better place.

There are multiple reasons why you need to volunteer as a student. For instance, volunteering can boost your emotional well being and enrich your professional skills. Keep reading to discover various reasons for volunteering and the best sites to find volunteering opportunities.

Reasons for Online Volunteering

Listed below are some reasons why people volunteer:

  • Touch the lives of the needy. Some needy individuals require a helping hand. You can volunteer to assist such people. For instance, in case you’re a teacher, you can offer your skills in teaching orphans at an orphanage.
  • Through such a gesture, you touch the lives of the orphans by fulfilling the need they had.
  • Strengthening a community. Your volunteering efforts may help to build healthy communities. The small difference that you make through your skills may improve various elements in the community. For instance, when you offer voluntary tutoring services to an orphanage, you help empower the children with knowledge.
  • Enhancing your emotional wellbeing. When you offer your time for a good cause, you’re likely to boost both your physical and mental health. Through such efforts, you can minimize your chances of suffering from stress because you raise your serotonin production.
  • Boost your knowledge. There are various things that you can learn from a community while volunteering. The experience can assist you in growing in your professional life.

Top Sites Where You Can Start Volunteering Online

Various websites can help you in finding volunteering work. These are captured and explained below:


The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) offers volunteer opportunities globally to enhance peace and development. The UNV department is under the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and works closely with various partners to offer volunteer opportunities. At the moment, UNV has around 8500 volunteers in the field.

Volunteer Match

The helps volunteers to connect to organizations that champion good causes. Through the site, you can quickly connect to organizations that may require your volunteers by typing your zip code. You can then find the opportunities that you need when you use the appropriate keyword.

Through the, you’re likely to find numerous opportunities as over 65,000 NGOs list their current volunteer tasks. Some nonprofits that post their volunteer jobs on the platform include American Red Cross, Nations MS Society, Habitat for Humanity, and others.

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Do-it is a database that has various volunteering tasks in Great Britain. The organization connects various organizations to those who want to offer voluntary services to them. Through the platform, you’ll come across millions of volunteering work that you can engage in. If you get what fits you, apply online for the opportunity.

Help From Home

This is the best platform where you can find multiple micro-volunteering tasks for students. A positive side of the platform is that it offers opportunities that do not require a lot of commitments. The site lists various organizations that have micro-volunteering jobs within your community. Through Help from Home, you’ll come across over 1 million volunteering tasks listed by different charities and volunteering organizations.

Stats indicate that more than 200000 are offering their time to enhance their professional skills through micro-volunteering. Help from Home makes it possible for over 50,000 institutions to apply the volunteering services from various donors to support their communities.