The 3 most popular financial markets

financial markets

If you want to earn money, you’re first choice is to find a job and work till the payday to receive cash. That’s how it goes for many people.

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What are financial markets?

Financial markets can be confusing simply because there are many different markets. Also, they go by many terms.

You might have heard the term ‘capital markets’ or you might have wondered where Wall Street really is.

Simply put, the financial markets are where traders and investors buy and sell different kinds of assets, which can be stocks, bonds, derivative, currencies, and commodities, among others.

In other words, it’s where people try to make money, other than their workplaces, of course.

The following are some of the types of financial markets you may want to invest in if you finally realize that a day-job wouldn’t make you a millionaire.

The Stock Market

The stock market is made up of a series of exchanges in which successful corporations go with the goal of raising huge amounts of cash to expand their business. Stocks are shares of ownership of company that is publicly-listed. These stocks are sold to investors through brokers.

The investor who buys the company’s stocks will get some profits if the companies increase their earnings.

If you plan to invest in the stock market, bear in mind that even if it’s very easy to buy the stock of a company, it’s mind-bending to know which company has good trading account.

The Bond Market

You can think of the bond market as the go-to place of large corporation looking to obtain very large loans. The bond market generally is inversely related to the stock market, meaning when the stock market goes up, the bond market goes down. If the stock market plummets and spirals down the abyss, the bond market will skyrocket and soar high into the outer space. That’s exaggerated, but the point is clear.

There are many different types of bonds. These types include Treasury Bonds, corporate bonds, and municipal bonds. In additions, different types of bonds provide the economy with some liquidity, which keeps the economy functioning well.

Foreign Exchange Market

This is a decentralized financial market that involves the exchange of currencies from different countries around the world. This is where different currencies are bought and sold. In other words, this is the financial market that lets you use money to buy or sell money, while trying to earn some money.

Each day, the forex market sees more than $5.3 trillion that are traded, making the forex market the most liquid market out there. This liquidity is its most solid advantage over other financial markets.

Currencies are traded in pairs, and investors who trade currencies are, in effect, buying and selling simultaneously. The buy one currency while selling another currency.

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