Top 3 stock market full service brokers in India


Stock market can be full of risk and so can it be rewarding if you actually choose to invest with a full time stock broker.

They can be your financial advisor in all asset classes and investment can be deemed to be profitable alongside them, though you need to pay a higher brokerage charge to them.

Who are Stock Market Full Service Brokers?

End to end financial service providers is what one can refer them as, for they deal in almost everything, providing some great insights to their clients as well.

Where the discount brokers do not offer extra services to the client, these full service brokers offer customized services to the clients, based on which they can avail for the personalized trade, portfolios, financial planning and also wealth management services.

Clients can be entitled to a personal financial advisor who would help into sketching a perfect investment plan, as per the demands. They also provide research advice, retirement plans, tax tips, and others.

Top 3 Stock Market Full Service Brokers in India

Keeping your confusions at bay, here is the top 3 list of top stock brokers who have created a mark in the industry through their excellent services.

Holding the top place is the assurance of quality services and one can chose them without a second thought.

Angel Broking

Everyone has their own personal favourite stock brokers, and a huge proportional of clients are in favour of Angel Broking. They have a well-structured working pattern where all the services are provided to the customers in a way, which would be loved by them. High class services can be expected from them.

If you are looking to open a demat account with angel broking click here

Motilal Oswal

They have a spectacular trading platform which is fast and convenient. Their brokerages plans are so low, and would suit just anyone. The way they go out of their way to serve their client’s investment needs, by offering low brokerage charge is what led them into creating an impact on the industry.


Huge customer base in their strength, and they plan on retaining. Customized services on a go would be provided to you, if you wish to avail for it. They are probably the best in the market, in terms of client serving and they are vastly loved by the present clients they have.

We would suggest you to make your call, and go for one of the above mentioned companies, in order to enjoy the best of their services, in no time. This is because they offer quick and easy to be done, account opening service.

Other than these, there are few more full service brokers who have done really amazing job for their clients. Some of them are – Kotak Securities, ICICI Direct, Sharekhan & more.

Why they are the Best Stock Market Full Service Brokers?

If you are still not convinced and have been in search for more data and interpretation to be given, in order to finalize opening an account with them, we got your back. Here are all the reasons presented in some simple to understand bullet points.

You may refer to them.

  • They have a department catered especially for research related activities where expert analysts are always on work, to present a new and effect set of strategies to their clients.
  • Investment banking services are actually an added benefit you will get, where it is seamless to invest in a lot of investment options, including IPOs and debt instruments.
  • They have their special trademarked instruments, such as portfolio management services, insurance and other similar yet benefitted products.
  • Huge numbers of outlets are provided by the companies in most of the cities, making it easy for the clients to simply walk into one and discuss face to face about their concerns.


One of the major full service broker which is growing very fast is IIFL.

If you are on a look of to get yourself a broker, who would literally look out for most of your investment needs, rather than just providing you a basis and mean of trading, these stock brokers are a must try.

We recommend these stock brokers for the newbies out there, who have least knowledge of the industry and wish to kick start their trading and investment career.