Top 3 advantages of employee automatic worktime tracking


Worktime tracking is important to any business. It is the best way to record of the time that employees spend working, and keep tabs on whether or not they are working the hours that they should be.

Because of that it is also an important yardstick to measure performance and productivity.

Unfortunately conventional worktime tracking can be a tedious affair involving timesheets, data entry, and other laborious administrative tasks. But nowadays there is a way to automate worktime tracking by using time tracking or employee monitoring software such as WorkExaminer.

In recent years the use of automatic worktime tracking has become immensely popular. And that is mainly due to the advantages that it brings to the table.

Less Work

As you can imagine, one of the reasons automated worktime tracking is so popular is because there is less work involved. Instead of HR staff having to use manual timers, input data from timesheets, and then analyze it all – the software will take care of everything for you.

In the case of WorkExaminer, you won’t have to lift a finger after you install and set it up. The software will run invisibly in the background and track the activity on your employees’ computers. The reports will then be delivered to you automatically, or you can even monitor in real time if required.

As you can imagine all that will free up the workload of both HR staff and managers, and allow them to focus their efforts on other tasks instead.

More Detailed Data

Another important point to consider is that automated tracking software is normally capable of capturing more detailed data. Simply put, you will have a better idea of exactly how your employees are spending their time while they’re at work.

That is particularly important now that employees are often required to jump between tasks while working on their computers. With a conventional timesheet system you wouldn’t be able to tell exactly what they’re working on once they clock in, whereas with automated worktime tracking you can take a closer look.

In addition to being more detailed, the data from automated tracking software is normally more accurate too. Mistakes are often made when tracking time manually, but automated time tracking removes that risk from the equation.

While the capabilities of each software is different, most offer a wide range of options. The features in WorkExaminer can let you see the time spent on different apps and websites, and you can even track keystrokes, emails, IM chats, and other activity too.

Deeper Analysis

Aside from capturing more detailed data, automated tracking software can also provide a much deeper analysis. Some may even leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to group data and organize it based on your requirements or by studying your past behavior.

At the end of the day the best tools are the ones that give you more options, and that is clearly what WorkExaminer does. It will categorize data and generate reports in the form of interactive graphs and charts that make it easy for managers to analyze.

It is also possible to export WorkExaminer’s reports as PDF or XLS documents in order to use them in other software.

Final Words

Make no mistake there are other benefits of automated worktime tracking, such as simplifying payroll processes, optimizing work allocations, and so on. On top of that software like WorkExaminer that track employee activities can also help in other ways by increasing security, and acting as a tool to boost productivity.

While it is true that implementing automated worktime tracking may require an initial investment and a bit of effort, in the long run it is more than worthwhile. With it you’ll be able to save time and money, especially if you use it to optimize productivity and cut down on time wastage.

If nothing else, now that you know the advantages of automated worktime tracking – you should look into implementing it in your business. It may help to download WorkExaminer and try it out to see what it can do, and get a better idea of how easy it will make it to monitor the time that your employees spend working.