Top 10 sites to buy Spotify plays & followers


These days there is no shortage of social media networks, and you have many options depending on what your niche is and what kind of audience you want to reach.

In addition, most social media users aren’t just on one platform— they have at least a few accounts.

In fact, the average person has about 8 social media accounts, and some of the most popular networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat, and Spotify.

Do you consider Spotify a social media network? Well, it definitely is one! You can create your own profile, interact with music through likes and shares, and your playlists can be created and shared with friends. It’s one of the most important music platforms on a global scale and gives musicians the necessary reach to have their music shared and discovered.

It’s very important to make sure you get as much attention as possible on Spotify so that you can build your listener base and followers. When you are able to do this, you can gain the traction you need to increase your popularity and gain more real music supporters.

This is the ultimate goal, as Spotify is to help generate interest around your music so that people become a fan. This task can be quite time-consuming and calls for patience and perseverance in gaining more exposure and getting people to listen to your music.

When you have more followers on Spotify, you’re more likely to get your music featured and have people share it with other listeners that they think would like it. While it’s not easy to have the necessary patience to wait for this to come, there are plenty of companies out there who now sell Spotify plays and followers.

It may seem a bit odd— buying followers to get more people to like my music? The reason though that you might want to buy followers is to help build your reputation and bring more people to your site.

Your exposure will then become stronger and with your music ranking higher, you can generate more attention that will help you to build the music career you’ve always dreamed of.

This article is your go-to guide for the best sites to buy Spotify followers and plays so that you can decide on the right company for your Spotify. Let’s get started.

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays and Followers: Ranking

With this list, now you don’t have to do the tedious work of looking and looking through sites wondering if the service actually works or not. Our top 10 list will help you make the right decision for your Spotify.

1. UseViral — Recommended

There’s no question that UseViral is the preferred site for Spotify plays and followers. Their views and followers are of the best quality and will help your profile to look really legitimate. When you buy Spotify plays and followers your music channel appears to be more genuine, which will get people to stick around after viewing it for the first time.

Buying Spotify plays and followers through UseViral is an excellent option that can give you the competitive advantage you need to stand out in your musical niche.

When you buy Spotify plays and followers from UseViral, they will be delivered naturally so that your Spotify remains safe and unflagged, and if you have any issues or problems, their support team is available to help.

You’ll really enjoy using the UseViral service; the signup process is very straightforward and after you finish the process UseViral will start prepping your order for delivery.

They care about your Spotify’s safety and your purchase will be delivered over the course of a few days through a natural delivery method known as dripping. This is when the followers or engagements come in over a period instead of all at once.

With the high-quality followers that UseViral provides you, you’ll have the traction you need to perform well on Spotify in no time.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia can boost your Spotify plays, and they also offer other engagements that can help your performance stats. You’ll see that you can also buy Spotify monthly listeners, as well as Spotify playlist followers.

When you buy Spotify followers, you want to make sure that they are good quality, and SidesMedia can deliver on that. You also don’t need to provide your account password or any sensitive information, so the service is very safe.

When you want to buy one of their packages, you’ll choose the type of engagement or follower that you want and then you’ll choose the number. Once you do that, you’ll put in your Spotify link and your email address and that’s pretty much it.

Most of their packages have an estimated delivery time of about 72 hours, but can depend on how many you purchase.

3. Playswiz

Playswiz gets your content played and recognized, which makes success even easier on Spotify.. Because of all the different types of content you can have on Spotify, you have a lot of options for what products you choose to buy from Playswiz.

For Spotify plays, Playswiz sells you general plays, album plays, or playlist plays.

For followers, you can buy monthly listeners, playlist followers, and artist followers. They have a lot of different options so that all aspects of your Spotify can be satisfied.  Playswiz also offers services for SoundCloud, another popular music platform.

PlaysWiz offers fast delivery of your Spotify plays and followers. They also offer a responsive support team that is available 24/7 to help you with any issues or snags that may pop up. This is really useful.

4. Views Expert

Views Expert claims to offer guaranteed results within one to three business days through the delivery of premium Spotify plays and followers. You’ll see numbers between 1k-5k for plays, and 100-1k for followers. As we can see, this is a pretty standard number.

When you are deciding to make a purchase, you should always be clear about what kind of followers you’re buying. If they are not high quality, you probably want to stay away. When in doubt, write to the service so that they can explain a bit more about how they work and what they actually do for your account. This will eliminate any doubts you may have.

5. Venium

Venium will be able to offer you good numbers in terms of Spotify plays, even if you find your budget to be a bit small or are just starting out. Whether you’ve got hardly anything to invest or want to invest thousands, you’ll be able to find something at Venium.

There are three different packages for Spotify plays, Spotify followers, and Spotify monthly listeners, and the number range varies on what number you need.

The interesting thing about Venium is that they claim to bring you targeted traffic and that your privacy is completely secure throughout the use of their service.

6. Mr. Insta

Yes, that’s right— Mr. Insta is not just Instagram. Mr. Insta offers a lot of different services for many social media profiles.

It’s true that the name Mr. Insta may sound like they only offer Instagram services, but they actually have many varieties of services for social media, which include Spotify.

This is a typical business practice these days, as most people want to build their social media across many different platforms. It makes total sense if you want to boost your exposure and popularity because people use many social networks these days. When you are cross-platform, your social media presence will motivate people to check out your other profiles.

Mr. Insta offers you Spotify growth through packages of plays, followers, and playlist followers. They claim to deliver your order in 24-72 hours, once you make the selection amongst their options of what works best for you.

Not only that, they claim to sell Spotify followers that boost engagement and bring credibility to your profile, so these are great elements that grow your Spotify account.

7. YouMeViral

YouMeViral is a popular option with a lot of diverse choices in terms of Spotify plays and Spotify followers. They say they are the best Spotify growth provider and you can buy plays for an artist, or for a particular playlist.

There is an emphasis on the affordability of their product, which means that their followers may be of lower quality than others out there. The follower ranges are between 100-1000, a pretty typical number. Their delivery will be over the course of 72 hours and if you need support they are available around the clock.

They may be a good option, but if you’re not feeling 100%, send them a message so they can answer any of your questions and help better understand the service.

You can also buy Spotify plays in numbers ranging from 1000 to 50000. This is the standard number that you’ll find on most services we’ve listed here.

8. Media Mister

Media Mister is one of the oldest social media growth providers out there, and have some of the most diverse packages on the market. You can choose from the standard Spotify plays and followers, and you’ll also be able to select Spotify saves, including album saves or track saves. Also, when you buy plays, they’ll deliver whatever type of play that you want to have, which ranges anywhere from track to album to playlist to podcast.

They offer much more advanced options, but may be a good idea to write to them and talk about how these promises and engagements are delivered, as they are the most specific in the game and no other company offers these specific services.

You can make sure that your engagements are global, or simply from the US. If you need a more targeted look and feel, this can be a big benefit to your account if they, in fact, deliver as described.

9. GetRealBoost

GetRealBoost has a wide variety of options on their site, and they also offer pretty decent packages for Spotify followers and engagements.

GetRealBoost is really flexible for most people in the sense that all of their options give variety in terms of pricing, making it a good option. Their checkout process is quick and easy, and your privacy is protected when you use their service.

If you buy Spotify plays and followers, you can rank higher on the platform through more popularity. If you are struggling, buying followers and plays can help you to get your performance on the right foot and gain more traction.

10. StreamDigic

StreamDigic is the final pick for our best sites to buy Spotify plays and followers from. You’ve definitely got to be careful because buying followers and plays can sometimes lead to unhappiness in terms of the purchase, and if people don’t start to engage with your account, this can also cause frustration.

The services on our list will definitely keep you satisfied, and StreamDigic is no exception. Our final pick for buying Spotify plays and followers is StreamDigic.

StreamDigic can provide you with high-quality plays and followers; they sell Spotify plays, playlist plays, as well as followers. Their service has a maximum purchase of 10,000 followers, which is a lot higher than many other services offer. In addition, they claim that they offer premium plays and followers, and any issues can be resolved around the clock as this is what they offer in terms of support team hours. They boast very good results for all of their service options.

Wrap Up: Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays and Followers

When you buy real Spotify plays and followers, you will gain the necessary interest in your account to help you increase your musical reputation and gain credibility through Spotify. With so much competition in the music industry, you’ve got to have as much competitive advantage as you can get.

With Spotify being one of the top music platforms around the world, you can gain a lot of reach when you take the time to develop your Spotify. Using a service like UseViral can help you to enhance your Spotify success and generate the necessary interest in your profile. When you have more Spotify followers and plays, you are closer than ever to the music career you’ve always wanted.