Top 10 reasons to use promotional merchandise

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Using marketing merchandise has always been a  good way of promoting a business. However, in recent years, the digital age has taken over.

Thus, most people are either doubtful of how effective marketing merchandise is or rely on other, more modern marketing tools.

But we still believe that marketing merchandise can bring about plenty of benefits. In fact, we can think of ten reasons why everyone should consider it!

1. A form of low-cost marketing

One of the best things about marketing merchandise is that it’s far less expensive than some other promotional methods. Furthermore, other types of advertising, such as TV ads, will stay in circulation for only a limited time. Thus, branded merchandise is more economical, and it tends to give the business more coverage at a reasonable price.

2. It breeds happiness among our current customers

Another great thing about marketing merchandise is that it can also be used for corporate giveaways. These giveaways will not only help our brand keep up with the times and stay relevant. They will also remind our customers that we’re there for them and that we care. Moreover, the merchandise will tell them that they can always come back with more orders, should they need our services again.

Imagine that, for example, you’re selling iced beverages in the summer. You could give people printed reusable straws with these and you’ve got yourself relatively cheap brand exposure. These will at the very least help your brand stay top-of-mind for a season.

3. Longer lifespan than some other traditional marketing methods

What’s incredible about promotional products is that they will continue generating brand exposure for a very long time. How? Well, it’s rather simple. There is a variety of promotional products that we can use — clothes, branded water bottles, keyrings, etc. Thus, all these products can easily end up on someone’s body, in someone’s bag or everyone’s hands. As such, they will be used on a daily basis, always reminding everyone of our brand, which means that we will get frequent and consistent brand exposure.

4. It shows that we care about our audience

Promotional items are free, which means that we’ll provide our audience with useful products they won’t have to pay anything for. Thus, they will be happy, and we will, essentially, show them how much we care about them. That way, the relationship we share with our audience will only grow, as we’ve shown them that we are not reluctant to give back.

5. It helps us become an industry leader

With promotional products, we can be as innovative as we want. What’s more, by giving our customers practical or entertaining products, we will show off a side of our company that’s rather appealing to everyone — the creative side.

6. It impresses exhibition and trade show visitors

Hosting a booth at trade shows and exhibitions is a good way of promoting our company. But add some promotional products to the mix, and we’ll find ourselves surrounded by potential customers. After all, nothing makes a business stand out more than free, branded gifts.

7. It helps us develop company loyalty

Promotional products, especially those that come in the form of clothes with printed logos, can help us boost brand awareness. But what’s even better is that they can also inspire our customers to keep coming back to our brand. Yes — marketing merchandise can also help us build a client base full of loyal customers.

8. It appeals to everyone

Since promotional products come in all shapes and sizes, they also have a variety of functions we can choose from. Thus, no matter if our audience is young or old, we will easily find a gadget or a promotional gift that will appeal to them. Moreover, promotional products are able to attract anyone’s attention, which means we can easily reach a wider demographic.

9. It shows how fun our business is

Most promotional products are not only practical but fun to have and use as well. Hence, by giving them away to our current and potential customers, we can show our fun side to everyone. In fact, our business will even be deemed relatable, which can also lead to more brand awareness and more loyalty.

10. It reinforces what we stand for

A brand’s tone is what determines which promotional products we pick in the end. Why? It’s because marketing merchandise can easily strengthen our brand message. Once someone gets a promotional product from us, they’ll immediately know what we are trying to convey and what kind of a business we have. Fun or serious — it doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is that promotional products can convey our brand’s tone in the best way possible.For more promotional products, visit

Author Bio

Richard Larson is the Marketing Manager at GoPromotional, the leading UK promotional keyrings company He enjoys sharing his experience on a range of subjects to enable customers to increase their brand awareness through the use of promotional products.