Titanium: a lightweight metal that does hard work


Titanium is applicable in almost all areas of life. This is an amazing metal. It helps people reach unprecedented heights in various areas of life.

It is loved and revered for strength, lightness, and long years of service. Thanks to titanium, people were able to pass through the sound barrier and break into space. Tennis rackets, aircraft alloys, jet engines, and so on are also made from it. Due to its light weight, stainless properties, and ability to withstand high temperatures, it is considered an almost universal metal. The process of studying physical, chemical characteristics, and determining the areas of its application has not been completed to date. This is the metal of the future. Its place in human life has not yet been finally determined, which gives modern researchers a huge scope for creativity and scientific research.

Among other things, titanium is used in the following areas:

  • This metal and its components have very high corrosion resistance in seawater, moist marine and industrial atmosphere. These alloys are used in the hulls and components of ocean observation, along with an ERW round tube.
  • Most of us know someone who needs orthopedic surgery to replace a damaged hip nest, shoulder joint, or badly broken bone. It is highly likely that titanium is the preferred material for surgeons to reconstruct these body parts. And of course, medical equipment and instruments are made from it.
  • Quite strong and durable spectacle frames can be made from this metal. Among the materials for the production of glasses, undoubtedly, titanium leads in quality and durability. If a pure alloy with impurity content of not more than 8% is used for the production of the frames, then an ideal combination of strength, reliability, low weight is obtained as a result. Due to its special properties, the metal doesn’t oxidize and is not susceptible to rust. Also, a titanium frame is for those who are prone to allergies to various types of metals.
  • Since it is a very light metal, products from it are thin-walled and lightweight. And this is the best choice for travelers. Mugs, pans, and bowls will not be a burden as the usual attributes of tourism. Titanium equipment for tourism is designed to occupy a minimum of space in a backpack.
  • It is actively used in the production of medicines as a coloring substance. And in the beauty industry, creams, gels, shampoos, and other skin and hair care products are made with its addition. Titanium dioxide is also used in the production of toothpaste. For what? In order to increase the whitening effect of this dental hygiene product.
  • Rubber, plastic, refractory glass, and even precious stones are made from it due to its lightness, strength, and attractive appearance of finished products.
  • In the last decade, it has been widely used in the oil industry. Its alloys are used in the production of equipment for ultra-deep drilling. The material is used for the production of equipment for the extraction of oil and gas offshore.

It is often used to make alloys with aluminum, vanadium, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and other metals. All materials made of metal alloys should be checked for quality and composition. The resulting alloy may not be suitable for the application of its specific use, or the parts will not have the necessary corrosion resistance. Any mistake in the melting of metals can lead to costly and potentially dangerous component failures. There are special analyzers, which carry out a material check for quality control of all degrees of production in a short time.