A simple guide to the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

gas safety check

The landlord gas safety certificate, sometimes known as simply a Gas Safety Certificate or even a CP12, is an annual safety check which all properties with fuel-burning (natural gas or liquid petroleum gas) appliances are required to have in order to be rented out.

The testing was enshrined in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

The inspection needs to be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer who will check all of the gas appliances on the premises to make sure that they are safe to use and fit for purpose.

A visual inspection of the system installation if the first part of the inspection and is followed by these further checks;

  • Check any chimneys or flues for any signs of blockage.
  • Check readings to make sure that there are no gas or carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Check all of the connections and pipework to ensure that the gas supply is delivering gas safely and directly to your gas appliances.
  • Check the oxygen and ventilation supply to ensure there is enough oxygen being supplied to correctly burn gas.
  • Check all of the gas appliances. A note of the appliance manufacturer and model information is made and then each is tested to ensure their safe use and if they are burning gas as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Which is a gas ‘appliance’?

If you have tried to book a landlord gas safety certificate inspection then you will have likely been asked how many appliances you have. An appliance is considered to be one which is fuel burning, i.e gas or LPG, the most common examples are the boiler, gas hob or cooker but also includes gas fires. A gas-fired boiler and gas cooker, for example, would require an inspection of two appliances.

How long are they valid?

Given the significant potential safety issues with faulty systems, the current legislation requires landlords to have a Gas Safety Certificate renewed on a yearly basis. You will need to provide the certificate to your agent/tenants before they are able to move in. If you need a new test whilst tenants are already in place, then you have 28 days in order to provide them with a copy.

What happens if you do not have a valid landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

As previously mentioned, the potential seriousness of any gas or carbon monoxide leaks ensure that gas safety is taken extremely seriously. Any landlords who are found to have breached the regulations can face either a substantial fine, imprisonment, or both.

Failure to comply with the Gas Safety regulations could include:

  • A fine of up to £6,000 for each breach and/or 6 months imprisonment;
  • Insurance cover could be invalidated due to non-compliance; and
  • If there is a loss of life the guilty party could be charged with manslaughter.

How do I book a Gas Safety Certificate?

All inspections need to be carried out by Gas Safe Registered engineers. Gas Safe replaced the Corgi as the gas registration body on April 1st, 2009. MyConstructor offers a nationwide network of qualified and experienced Gas Safe Register engineers.

Simply enter your postcode, the number of appliances you have, and the date you would like to have the inspection carried out. The platform then shortlists your local engineers and allows you to book in at your preferred time slot.

How much does a CP12 cost?

The cost of the landlord gas safety certificate will vary depending on the number of appliances that need to be tested.

With the comprehensive, nationwide coverage and the competitive marketplace nature of the platform, MyConstructor can ensure you are offered the best prices possible.

For landlords with multiple properties, don’t forget to ask for discounted rates on block bookings!

Gas Safety Certificate Price Guide;

Meter & one appliance – £35

Meter & two appliances- 40£

Meter & three appliances – 40£
Meter & four+ appliances – 45£