Tips for sending money after moving to Berlin

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Money transactions process requires research to choose the right medium for this purpose. Follow the tips to get help!

Should you be heading to Berlin, Germany, for further studies, you certainly have spent a lot of time comparing different accommodations before you choose your room in Berlin. Granted, this search can become hectic and time-consuming especially when you do not know the ideal sites to visit. It does not help matters, therefore, should you spend colossal amounts of time on search only to end up losing money when transferring it abroad.

For many people, it comes as a surprise to find that so much money is lost in the course of the transfer. This is especially the case when you rely on your regular bank for this very important function. Afraid of losing money to transfer services that they are not familiar with, many people simply opt to deal with their regular commercial bank. While banks and Bitcoin Revolution are reliable in this regard, sometimes they make you lose too much money and this should make you consider looking elsewhere.

How banks rip you off

If you have been using banks for local transactions only, you might not be aware that so much of a customer’s money is lost in the course of making an international transfer. This usually happens because the money you send usually has to be received in the recipient country’s currency. In almost all situations, banks offer poorer exchange rates than what you might find in foreign exchange bureaus. If you were to buy the foreign currency from the bank, the rate is also usually higher than what you’ll get elsewhere in the money market.

Banks are also notorious for hidden fees and charges. For every transaction, they’ll charge a transfer fee and the recipient bank will also charge a receiving fee. In many situations, the time taken to complete a transaction is colossal further inconveniencing both the sender and the recipient.

What you could do

Thanks to the internet and the arrival of many money transfer companies, today you are not at the mercy of a commercial bank when you decide to send money abroad. Of course, you should choose your service provider with extreme care as there are providers whose reputations are dubious. Thankfully you can get all the info you need on a provider online. There are also plenty of forums where people discuss their experiences with providers and joining such forums and reading reviews will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

When speed is of the essence

Different service providers charge varying fees and many factors determine how much you’ll pay. An important consideration is how quickly you want the funds delivered. You might be a parent who desires to send money to a child abroad and you want the money received in a matter of minutes or just a few hours. Today there are providers who can make payments instantly but you should expect to pay more than would have been the case when you allow for a day or two.


Shahbaz Ahmed

Shahbaz Ahmed is a Content Writer. He has published many articles on different websites. He loves to share his knowledge with others.You can contact him at

Shahbaz Ahmed is a Content Writer. He has published many articles on different websites. He loves to share his knowledge with others.You can contact him at