Tips for choosing the right child custody lawyer


When it comes to divorce or separation, children’s well-being is always a top priority that you should have in mind.

The right child arrangements are often a case of emotional disputes. Frequently one or both parents are unaware of their duties and rights. Because of that, they are arguing on the topic that could have been solved by a professional legal practitioner. Regardless of the division of parental responsibility, parents and children have the right and duty to keep in touch with each other. Choosing the proper custody lawyer is not easy, as you want to choose someone trustworthy, who will take care of your and your child’s interest. It would be best to do a profound research before choosing a solicitor that will fulfill your needs.

The best child custody solicitor

Not always an ex-couple agrees on everything after a breakup. In those situations, legal advice is helpful and sometimes needed. A professional solicitor will help you to make your agreement legally binding.

The lawyer will determine how much time the child should spend with each parent or where the child will live. The lawyer can also regulate what types of contact between parent and child will take place (for example, phone calls).

Dealing with issues related to child custody is an everyday task for Solicitors in Birmingham. You should seek help from companies that are extraordinarily experienced in the subject. A solicitor will help you with the paperwork, e.g., with signing a consent order. It is a document that will legally bind your agreement about taking care of your child after a breakup.

Making child arrangements

You and your ex-partner are in the best situation if you both agree on things like how your child will be supported financially by each of you, where the child should live, and how much time should be spent with each parent. Unfortunately, sometimes ex-couples have a different mindset when it comes to raising a child after a divorce or dissolution of marriage. Often a good solution is to make a “Parenting Plan”.

A Parenting Plan is a written plan developed between both parents after their separation. The plan covers practical parenting issues. It helps to establish who wants what and what is expected from them.

It is a plan that you and your ex-partner can go back to every time when doubts arise. It sets out effective decisions for your children, such as living conditions, education plans, and healthcare. When you and your ex-spouse are willing to go to court in the future, you will be expected to prepare a Parenting Plan.

In order to create a Parenting Plan, write down in which areas you agreed and in which areas you may need the intervention of a lawyer.

While doing this, both of you can decide whether it is the best way to go to court or whether there are other better options for making child custody arrangements.

Mediation before going to court

There are several ways to reach an agreement between former spouses on child custody. If two parents cannot agree on one solution before hiring a lawyer, they can seek the assistance of a mediator. Such a visit to the mediator is necessary before going to court before settling the case. You have to get to know if mediation is the right choice for your case or not.

As a person living in a relationship with violence, you do not have to meet this obligation. It means that in some instances, you do not need to meet with your ex-partner more than it is required. Situations with domestic abuse and those with domestic violence included are in a sphere of cases when partners do not have to meet with the mediator.

Remember that when you are divorcing an abusive partner, you can apply for legal aid.


There can be a lot of stress when making child arrangements. Every parent wants all the best for their child, and it is, for sure, the highest priority during a divorce process. In order to ensure the child’s well-being, try to agree on as many issues as possible.

For children to feel safe and loved, it is crucial to remember how much the situation concerns them. Hiring a professional lawyer will definitely be the best option if both parties can’t get along in court.

The lawyer will help to reach an agreement and calm the tense situation with his professional approach. It is always worth hiring a solicitor when you want honest legal advice.