2020 UFC Fight: Popular MMA betting games for a profitable bankroll


Amidst the mix and match-up of sporting schedules this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most tournaments are back in the spotlight.

It will now give way for the fans to anticipate notable sporting events that will get them entertained. Aside from that, bettors can also gamble in the massive betting games these sports are offering.

In line with that, the UFC will continue this month after it was postponed in mid-April. For those who don’t know, the UFC this year is commemorating its 28th-year history in the U.S. With this, we are expecting an intense fight between the world’s strongest and mightiest mixed martial arts fighters.

Not only can fans expect a thrilling show, UFC is also one of the sports with the most bankable betting categories. So, to help you make money while staying at the comfort of your home, here are the most popular UFC betting games you can gamble, which can help you grow your bankroll.

Match Bet/Moneyline Bets

The moneyline bet is the most popular and in-demand betting game in MMA. It does not require you to be the smartest bettor in the room because you only have to pick the fighter, which can win the whole game. It doesn’t matter how the player will win the match as long as he can do so, then you can also win once you bet for the said entry.

In line with the odds, there are still the favourites and the underdog. The favourite has an odds value placed with a negative sign, while the underdog comes in positive sign. The same with the popular betting games you know, make sure to compare each odds and understand each player’s strengths to pick the right bet.

Parlay / Accumulator Bet

Parlay UFC bets are tricky, yet you can earn as much money you want. In this particular betting game, you need to pick three players that can win individually in the matches they take. To win the prize, these three players must win by any chance. However, if one of the players you picked loses the match, you will not gain anything.

Over/Under Bet

The over/under bet is also another easy betting game you can participate in MMA. To participate in this betting category, the bookie will set first a round total value. Once it is generated, you can now bet whether the match will win longer or shorter than the posted round value. The prizes depend on how much value the bookie will set in the round totals.

Round Betting

Another UFC betting which allows you to increase your earnings tremendously is the round betting. Some sportsbooks allow you to bet on which specific round the game will end. Also, you can wager each round which player can win. Although it needs more analysis skills, it will surely boost your bankroll if you win.

Method Of Victory

The method of victory is a betting game that makes you a pro-MMA bettor. These categories come in three manners, which include victory by Points, Submission, or Knockout. If you think that you know how to analyze the whole fight and believe that it will end in the three ways mentioned above, then betting this way can surely earn you extra money.

  • Victory via Points/Distance – a specific fighter wins either by Submission or Knockout.
  • Victory via Submission – you win this betting category when a fighter wins via Submission. It doesn’t matter who’s player you are betting as long as he wins.
  • Victory via Knockout– it also doesn’t matter who’s player you are gambling as long as he ends the match via Knockout, you can also bring home the bacon.

Decision  Victories

This betting category refers to the full decision given by the judges for a player to win. Here are the betting decisions you can participate in the upcoming MMA fights.

  • Unanimous Decision – it is where the judges are deciding unanimously who wins the entire match.
  • Split-Decision – a judge scores one fighter higher, but the two other judges score the other one as their winner.
  • Majority Decision – it is where the two judges score high on the winner, and the other judge ends the fight as a draw.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are also popular UFC bets to make. The same with football prop bets, bookies will come up with possible questions or scenarios of the whole fight. All you have to do is guess the right answer, and if you got it, you could take home the prize.


As the 2020 UFC fight progresses, this will bring a huge number of betting games that wagers can gamble right away. In the coming weekends, the fans can expect action-packed matches, which give MMA games a higher level of suspense. Therefore, with the most played UFC betting games outlined above, your chance of boosting your bankroll is limitless.