Tips for choosing a VoIP auto dialer for your business

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Making your call centre successful is a difficult task, as you have to keep up with the competitive business worldwide and select the right tools to stay relevant.

That may be hard if you don’t have a technical background to search and compare different services and features and choose what is right for you.

What is an Auto Dialer?

VoIP Auto Dialer is an effective call center software that can contribute to the growth and success of your business. The program automatically dials thousands of customers by using predefined rules set by you, with a variety of monitoring and BI functions. Sounds like a dream for any call center, doesn’t it? However, with the abundance of dialers that exist on the market today, choosing the most suitable for your business is not a task that comes easy.

Types of Auto Dialing

Auto dialers have different features and functions, besides the basic one which is — auto dialing. Based on these features, we can talk of the following types of auto dialers:

1.    Preview Dialer

When using this type of auto dialer, your agents will be able to see all the information about the customers they are connecting to. This may be extremely helpful, as agents can study this information before making the call and choose the right strategy to get better results. Furthermore, it helps build trust among your customers.

2.    Predictive Dialer

This is an advanced form of auto dialer, as it makes a great number of phone calls simultaneously within a short period of time. Having it, you can free up your agents from manual calling, and substantially reduce the idle time between calls. The predictive dialer will also automatically terminate the call once there are not enough agents to answer the calls. Besides, this type of dialer is called a hosted predictive dialer as it works on a certain algorithm. This is an ideal option for large call centers that deal with a high capacity of phone calls.

3.    Progressive Dialer

Unlike predictive dialer, progressive one places the call only when there is an available agent to answer it. So, the calls are made one by one, not concurrently. Although it doesn’t make as many calls as a predictive dialer, it can help create more personal and productive interactions with your customers.

How to Choose an Auto Dialer for Your Business?

So, here is the main question — which auto dialer will be a good match for your business. Start with identifying what features you are looking for in an auto dialer. And you can do this by studying the following parameters:

Business Type & Size

What is the size of your call center? If it’s small, then there is no need to buy a powerful predictive dialer system, as you will end up wasting your money and getting zero results. Try progressive or preview one to nurture better customer relationships. On the contrary, if you own a big call center and your lead lists are huge, then you should invest in a predictive dialer.

Purpose of Your Calls

What is the nature of your calls? If each of your customers is of great importance to you and you don’t want to miss any call, then you should think of buying a progressive dialer. This way, your agent will always stay on the line when the call is placed. However, if you aim at cold calling, sales calls, or telemarketing, you should opt for predictive dialing, as it will help you reach more leads in less time. Review the context matters for your calls, then your fit is a preview dialer.

Number of Calls & Call Drops

What is your customer base? Is it large or small? If you have to dial a great number of customers or have tight deadlines, you should give a try to a predictive dialer. However, if the number of calls is not large, choose preview or progressive one. If you don’t want to deal with call drops or pauses between contact picking up and agent speaking, go with preview or progressive dialer.

Summing Up

Each dialer has its own peculiarities that you should be aware of if you want it to fit your business strategy. However, what unites them is that they all aim to save time and money and help you get rid of monotonous and repetitive tasks. We hope our piece of advice will help you make up your mind and choose an ideal fit for your business.