Tips for buying work shoes

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Working long shifts and having to stay on your feet for hours on end can have a disastrous impact on your feet and back health.

If you’ve been on a long shift, you likely know the feeling.

When you work on your feet every day, your shoes are either going to be your friend or the enemy. If you do not have a pair of insoles for hard surfaces, your feet will really feel it later in the day. The pressure and pain from this can build up and travel from the soles of you feet to your spine and even your neck.

Below, we will be going over some of the key things that you should look for when you are shopping around for new work shoes. Shoe Hero shoe guides will be able to help you

If you’re struggling to find a brand that offers both comfortable and elegant shoes, Loom Footwear recently published an article listing the most comfortable work shoes available on the market.

The pain and strain that you might be experiencing can be the result of different things. For one, it can be attributed to having poor posture. Likewise, it can be caused by a lack of exercise. Believe it or not, but these pains and strains can be reduced if not completely eradicated by simply wearing the proper footwear. However, you might be wondering what makes footwear correct? Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with finding the right shoes because they opt for fashion over function. Others have to purchase shoes that meet the criteria of their respective establishment’s footwear policy. Some might recommend shoes that are good for your feet. Whereas, others might leave you to finding the right work shoes for yourself.

There are four primary attributes that you want to look for when you are shopping for a good work shoe that you will be using while standing and being on your feet all day.

These four attributes are comfort, grip, durability, and style.

While you might initially feel comfortable in either your trendy cross-trainers or All-Stars, they are not the proper shoes because they don’t tick all of the attributes that you should be looking for.


A shoe that is designed to be comfortable will cradle your foot in every single direction. If you have significant room in your instep, you are likely going to become flat-footed. This can minimize your foot’s natural shock absorption potential which can effectively transfer the impact to your lower back. Having proper support is essential which means you will want to invest in work shoes that offer it. A good way to add support to any shoe is by investing in quality insoles to fill the gap. Take a look at the Orthotic Shop.


If you will be on your feet all day, you will want to ensure that your shoes are offering optimal grip. Having slip-resistant shoes are essential if you are walking on a slick ground where it is likely to have spillage present. Having grippy soles will make for happy souls.


The working foot can travel up to 15 miles per day on a normal working day according to the College of Podiatry. Therefore, you will want to be certain your shoes are going to be up to the task. After all, you won’t want to have to replace them repeatedly. Thus, you want to look for tough and durable shoes that offer reinforced heels. Any good quality pair of work shoes should be giving you months of wear prior to needing replacement.


You don’t have to sacrifice everything for comfort. There are plenty of stylish yet comfortable and practical work shoes that you can choose from that have all of the other boxes checked.