Tiktok helps businesses to promote on the Internet


Nowadays people spend more time on TikTok than on other social services.

Popular Chinese invention for publishing short videos TikTok is capturing a young audience, especially teenagers, by leaps and bounds. Now the service is used by 500 million people in the world. Some countries from East Europe, for example,  have a relatively small audience of 2.5 million users, but it is growing at double-digit rates. Local retailers are just beginning to master TikTok and establish their own pages. And that’s what comes out of it.

A small video service was announced in China in 2016. Already in 2018, TikTok was in third place among the most loading applications, overtaking Instagram. At the end of last year, the number of video tiktok accounts in the world reached 500 million.

Brands are actively adopting this platform. For example, over the past year, Dolce & Gabbana, Pepsi, Sephora, Apple Music, Calvin Klein, Chipotle have established their social profiles. Here are some examples of how international companies are adopting TikTok.

The mobile application helps users to make short-term videos of themselves, that often contain music in the background, can be accelerated, used a slowdown effect or edited with various types of filters.

East European retailers on TikTok

In East Europe, the service began to gain popularity not so long ago. In 2019, according to the advertising agency Tabasco, 2.5 million people used the service. As of August last year, the number of downloads of the TikTok apps in East Europe was slightly less than 6 million, according to the Lobods digital agency. The East European audience of the application is quite active. But due to the specifics of the format, the application may not be suitable for everyone, because most of the users enter the platform to relax, duck and get their dose of dopamine.

For example, Allo, Citrus, Rozetka, Comfy, the Kasta marketplace of Ukraine, and the Eva network have pages on the service. Intertop and Foxtrot recently signed up for TikTok. Not much but this is for 2020. The service is only starting to gain popularity in Ukraine.

Retailers’ goal on TikTok is to get a young audience. According to official figures, 41% of TikTok accounts are between 16 and 24 years old. In Rozetka they talk about the minimum age threshold on the social media platforms – from 10 years, and in “Hello” – from 13 years.

Content creation on TikTok is less expensive than on other social networks, says Marketing Director of Allo Group. “The budget is limited only by inexpensive video production, as well as dotted fees. The situation will definitely change when an ad account becomes available on TikTok”.

Some TikTok bloggers say the cost of creating content depends on what the company wants to film. “For example,“ Citrus ”shoots just a girl on the phone and does it very cool, creatively.“ Hello ”shoots with a cool blogger, with cool equipment and in cool locations. It’s clear that they have completely different costs”. They recommend, if the company has no idea what the videos will be about, hire a person who will watch trending videos on TikTok, find the most popular of them and those that the company can implement on its own. “It works and can very quickly turn a person into a popular Tiktoker,” the bloggers advise.

Popular videos of Ukrainian retailers on TikTok:

Allo – 897,700 views and 155,600 likes

Rozetka – 246,700 views and 41,300 likes

Citrus – 587,000 views and 54.6 likes

Kasta – 159 800 views and 2,300 likes

Managing partner of Prcom, previously stated that when generating cool content on the platform, the audience quickly gathers and grows much easier than in other social networks. Rozetka notes that during the work in TikTok, since June 2019, the number of page likes exceeds 170,000, and the total number of views of videos is much higher, and in February it amounted to 506,000. In “Hello” 5,000-6,000 subscribers are added monthly … “I think this is not the limit – we see the increasing dynamics in the moments of activities and collaborations with influencers,”. There is an example of cooperation with clothing stores in Odessa Benya & Zubrik, after the release of the video, which collected 1.9 million views, the retailer’s website went down due to the influx of users. “As a result, they had more sales than on Black Friday,” the manager said.

Social media platforms are a very powerful tool for businesses to promote themselves. It’s difficult to stand out on a platform where millions of videos are uploaded every day. There are buy tiktok likes services for those aiming to gain top-notch popularity.

New Career Service in Tiktok

Also, Service TikTok announced Gen Z Career Service.

Now a tool is tested and soon it will help brands to hire new employees.

This program should support users to find new jobs on TikTok service and connect them with employers searching for candidates, and companies use social media as another recruiting channel.

It’s not new goods integrated into TikTok, but rather a different website page with access via the app where companies can publish ads, primarily trainee-level vacancies. Now a new service has a probation period for a group of brands, including major sports brands.

Instead of a traditional CV, job seekers will be able to publish videos in TikTok format on the site. This will give them the opportunity to present themselves and their work experience in a unique way, the company explained.

According to the publication, TikTok will propose job seekers to post a video presentation on their accounts to help advertise the new service.

One of TikTok’s top managers said that the idea to invent a job posting service came about after the Washington Post published an article about buzzers who use the social network to exchange career advice.


All these and many other positive aspects should convince you that tiktok is a serious and successfully developing business instrument.

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