Three best watches for men

There is never a better time to be interested in buying a new watch. Here we will provide the summary of 3 high quality best watches for men which we believe are worth taking into account if you are out in the market looking for a luxury watch based on features which actually matters in the world of watchmaking.

Swiss brands are actually the safest to invest your hard-earned money, as it will have the better movement quality despite the fact it is automatic or mechanical compared to other watches made by mass producers. Below list take into account price, movement, finish quality, scratch resistance and waterproofing of timepieces.

Rolex Submariner – $10000 New

Rolex SeamasterRolex Submariner is the most brilliant watch by the world’s most acclaimed watchmaker. It is also the most expensive watch on this list. It is also among the few watches, which do not enormously decline in value in the second hand market.

Submariner as depicted from name is a diver watch. It is around for quite some time now improving over the years. Most noticeable improvement is the depth to which a diver can dive while wearing the watch. It is automatic and you will never need to change its battery ever. It has 31 jewels embedded.

Hublot Classic Fusion – $4400 New

Ever since Hublot come to existence, Hublot is a recognized high quality luxury watch manufacturer. Hublot has spin out many fancy designs. Hublot classic fusion is a new addition to its collection that is a strip down version of Hublot Big Bang watch.

Classic fusion has Polished and Satin-finished Titanium case. It is very easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. It is also automatic and reserves 42 hours of battery. Other features include scratch resistance glass and waterproofing upto 50m of depth.


Omega Seamaster – $3500 New

Omega Seamaster has always remained one of the favorites for the watch enthusiasts. It has smooth glossy design and rich history. Omega Seamaster is the oldest watch model in the present Omega collection. If you have de3cised to buy an omega watch then I would recommend picking Omega Seamaster or Speedmaster. Astronauts on NASA missions wear Speedmaster while Seamaster was worn by James Bond 007.

Seamaster is the most famous watch among the two based on google searches data. Its case is made of steel and has a leather strap.