Things you can use a self storage for


No doubt if you have been paying attention over the last few years you will have noticed more and more self storage facilities popping up across most major UK towns and cities.

With this comes a big influx in advertising and marketing and it’s hard to miss these adverts both offline and online. This level of competition is great for customers but there are still a lot of people that don’t actually know that much about self storage and what it can provide, that’s where we come in.

This blog is set to highlight the things you can use self -storages for and how important they can be in a growing society. You might be wondering what we mean by a growing society. Well a growing society is basically the increase in infrastructure, facilities, good transport links, businesses and or any other factor which makes a society flourish. The more the society grows, the higher the demands are for self storage services. This is because self storage provides individuals and businesses alike the needed space at a relatively lower price as compared to renting out a warehouse or taking up space in their home. This is great for when individuals or businesses are moving house or growing as a business, respectively. Below are a few highlighted reasons for using a self storage unit.

Running a business

If you happen to be in the business of online retailing, construction, garden maintenance or any type of business that requires you to keep stock of inventory or machinery then renting out a self storage unit could be essential for safeguarding your products or tools. As a growing business, you may outgrow your current storage space or need toincrease your machinery which could mean expanding into a much bigger space, but as a substitute, you could rent out a self storage unit which is much cheaper than expanding your office space and many storage companies such as Storage Manchester can offer benefits such as 50% discount for a 12 weeks rent, free insurance and free packing boxes which may help you organize your inventory.

Moving house or renovating your home

One of the things you can use a self storage facility for is to serve as a temporary storage space for your belongings when moving houses or renovating your home. Moving or renovating sometimes comes with a lot of headaches and if you are not organized with safely moving your items, you may end up losing some valuable ones. Having a self storage unit allows you the liberty to safely move your items into a space and carefully go through and select needed items for your new or renovated house. In addition, you may order some items needed for your new home or the one being renovated and it may not be time to install or move them in yet. Having a self storage unit gives you the option to store these items until when it’s needed. With 24hours services, free insurance as well as free collection and removals, you won’t need to worry about the stress of moving your stuff from a to be and back and forth.

Student summer storage

Students during summer holidays often prefer going back home or travelling the world (especially international students!). This usually means they have to evacuate their accommodation for a longer period of time, maximum 3 months and in some cases have to pay full rent if they plan on keeping their items or belongings safe in their accommodation. With self storage, they could benefit from a 50% discount for a period of 12 weeks rental as well as free collection and removals which saves them the time and money.

Storing seasonal decorations or items

For the families that go big during seasonal celebrations such as Christmas, new years, Easter or even Halloween with huge trees and decorations, renting out a self storage could be a good use of space to safeguard all your items. Even people with camping caravans can keep their vans at safer locations during winter times. Self storage companies that provide Storage in Manchester can offer services for renting out cheap self storage units which comes with some benefits such as free insurance, free packing boxes, free collection and removals and even 24hours services which could all be a good reason to opt for a self storage unit instead of trying to squeeze things into places at home.

And so the next time that you find yourself in any of the above situations, just know that there are many things you could actually use self storage for and there’s always a guarantee on saving time and money.