Things to take care of while moving to New Zealand

New Zealand

Are you planning for moving to New Zealand? Are you feeling a bit confused about the main
things you need to take care of while making the final move?

If yes, don’t worry we are here to help you with the absolute tips. It is always advisable to
know about the culture, geographical features, markets, cities, and other facilities before
moving to any place. The quirky culture and stunning landscapes of New Zealand attract
several people to it every year.

Moving to New Zealand brings up different twists and turns. If you are eager to know what
are these and how to perfectly overcome these, then stay connected with us till the end.

Check out the Moving Cost

The very first thing we would like to add up in the league is the cost you have to spend out
while moving to New Zealand. The total shifting costs are the sum of the exact distance
along with the volume of your move. It is quite obvious that if you have planned for moving
out to New Zealand, you will be not all alone, you will also have your things to carry along,

One can’t compromise with the total distance but the volume of things can be easily done.
So, make sure you are carrying a little one so that you can keep yourself safe from spending
out extra bucks. Moving along the different cities or countries has become quite easier now.
Different service providers owe to provide the best services at least prices. You can figure
out the best one in your location and can ask for accurate quotes for moving things. Also,
keep a check on the period they are taking upon for shipping your things from your place to
New Zealand. Don’t forget to check out the reviews for the service providers and make the
decision accordingly.

Organize your Visa

Moving from one country to another one is surely not so easy as it seems to be. Every
country imposes some rules on migrants. If you are planning for moving to New Zealand
make sure to check out the rules and regulations in deep first. The very first thing that is
usually being considered while moving ahead to any country is Visa.

If you are planning to stay in New Zealand for less than six months you can request the visa
accordingly but if you are planning to work there you have to apply for a working Visa for
New Zealand. For moving permanently to New Zealand, you have to go through different
intricacies. The different most common visa types for the emigrants of New Zealand are:

Work Visa

This kind of visa is mainly purpose for the people who are willing to move to New Zealand
for employment purposes. This kind of visa is only granted after the sponsorship from your

Working Holiday Visa

If you are young and you are currently willing to travel to New Zealand for working for about
one or two years only, you can request for working holiday visa.

Essential Skills Work Visa

If your skills can attribute to the overall economy of New Zealand, you can request for
Essential Skills Work Visa.

Make a checklist

It takes on hard efforts for moving to New Zealand. Once you have done with your Visa part,
the next thing you need to do in the league is to make a checklist of all of the things you
have to process before leaving your place. Moving towards your dreamland can turn to be a
bad experience if you are lagging somewhere at your efforts. The main things to be added
to the checklist are:

Before Leaving:
– Make sure that you have done all of the important documentation perfectly
– Contact and organize an international moving company for letting the things easily
– Take on expert packing tips and then try to pack all of the things with the least
volume and absolute security
– Have a check on your transporting system
– Take care of your pets and organize move accordingly
– Make sure to inform the related governs and also seek professional advice on tax
payments in New Zealand

On Arrival:
– Register yourself and then receive the related IRD number
– Open up a local bank account to enable smooth settling in New Zealand
– Transfer your money into your new Kiwi Bank Account to enjoy smooth accessing
– Make sure to insure yourself to the healthcare system
– Apply for a driving license in New Zealand
– If your country’s driving license is valid in New Zealand you don’t need to apply for
the same again here

Can we move our pets to New Zealand?

If you are a pet lover, it can be bad news for you as New Zealand is quite strict about moving
or pets to it. Pets like cats and dogs are only allowed to be moved along with you. But if you
are having some exotic pets or even you are having a hamster or rabbit you will not be able
to move them along with you.

New Zealand is one of those countries that doesn’t have any snakes and if you are planning
to move your pet snake, you will not be allowed to do the same. Moving cats and dogs to
New Zealand is also not so easy. There are certain requirements that you need to meet while making the final move. The most common transport for moving your pet would be via
air transport.

You can opt for moving your pet to the same airlines you are moving in and you can also opt
for some other specialized airline for moving your pets as well. One needs to pay out certain
costs and requirements that you need to pay out before boarding the plane such as:
– The vaccination of your pet is up to dated
– You have to pay the import permit costs
– Air transport cost for your pet
Pets imported from other countries are usually being quarantined for a minimum of 10 days
and the costs are usually being added up to your overall moving costs.