The Workflow Automation Hack THEY Don’t Want You to Know

Thanks to workflow automation, facilities teams and organisations can achieve the fastest response possible, provide a consistent service, and streamline year-end audits to reduce cost overruns.

Handling a multitude of requests in a decentralised, inconsistent manner is counterproductive and can even ruin your reputation. Automating tedious tasks such as inspection management with Lumiform can save you countless hours (and nerves). If you’re serious about automation and want to work easier, you need an intuitive frontline productivity app like Lumiform, which any industry can use. All tasks are completed on time, and everyone is informed about the latest developments.

Lumiform is designed to handle any task, from simple to-dos to complex projects

Without a facility management app like Lumiform, critical compliance deadlines can quickly slip through the cracks. Let’s say, hypothetically, you’re preparing for a building inspection. The inspector checks the building’s overall health from roof to foundation. Knowing how to create a checklist is an essential part of the know-how of any facility manager. A checklist can help when things go wrong, providing evidence of whether a step was completed, so nothing is forgotten. The electrical maintenance checklist shows you what to look for when walking through the building; appointments can be conducted internally by a qualified employee (or externally).

The essence of a facility management software is to establish and maintain efficiency, effectiveness, and functionality. Leaders must successfully preserve the habitual aspects of the building and its infrastructure via inspections, maintenance, and repairs, and it can be anything but easy. Technology automates workflows and empowers teams by letting them focus on more strategic activities. Workflows for task checklists can be sent to workers’ smartphones or tablets, so they can complete inspections on-site and in real-time. The typical users of Lumiform are small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and large businesses – it’s aimed at everyone who wants to enhance quality management digitally and straightforwardly.

Some of the key benefits of using Lumiform to automate business processes

Keep business processes in their best health so that things run smoothly and you can tackle big projects stress-free. There are many advantages to using Lumiform, but these stand above the rest.

Reducing the documentation burden

It’s crucial to ensure correct documentation when carrying out inspections. Implementing a cross-industry app such as Lumiform supports workflows, as you can examine data on the spot and identify areas that urgently require your attention. Remember that productivity results from commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Automatically generating reports

Several things must be checked to minimise warehouse accidents caused by poor management, such as if the electrical cables are out of the way. Lumiform can generate a professional report that answers even your most complicated questions. The idea is that you can find everything you need to know regarding deficiencies.

Improving workflow efficiency

Digitising inspection forms enables you and your teams to make updates, raise possible red flags, and find the solution that will work best. If you want to improve safety, you can’t take a one-and-done approach.

Wrapping it up

Solutions (like Lumiform) combine advanced analytics and automation to improve warehouse efficiency for your business. There’s no better time than now to eliminate pen and paper.