The wardrobe classics every businessman should own


Many studies have shown that first impressions are very important and formed in a fraction of a second.

Based on that impression, a person will form their opinion on you, your character, intelligence, competence and more. Clothes play an important role in this: what you choose to wear transmits an impression and can thus be seen as an important communication tool. When you’re in business, you want to look like a true business man and look trustworthy, capable and credible. In this article, we tell you more about some wardrobe classics every businessman should own. 

A well-fitting suit

The classic of all classics: a well-fitting suit. Many High Street brands nowadays offer suits, but we still recommend you to go to a tailor or a brand that helps you decide on a suitable suit. A good suit doesn’t always have to be black; some people look better in dark blue or grey, but it is of utmost importance that the suit fits perfectly. You don’t want your suit to be too tight on your shoulders or the pants be too long, because that just looks sloppy. A great suit from a tailor might cost a pretty penny, but you can wear it time and time again with different dress shirts and you’ll always look ready to sign a big contract! 

Dress shirts and quality sweaters

On days you don’t want to go all out, you can leave your suit jacket at home and switch it for a nice, thick sweater. Make sure you look at the material, cashmere and wool are always good choices because you can see the quality of the sweater and if you take care of these sweaters, you can wear them for years. A men’s woollen sweater (Dutch: wollen trui heren) can be combined with a t-shirt during your day off, or with a dress shirt at work. Both will look great! Are you choosing a men’s sweater with a zip (Dutch: trui met rits heren), a V-neck, a scoop neck or a sweater with buttons?

A watch that suits your personality

A wristwatch is more than just something you wear that tells you the time. Many watch brands say it’s a show of your personality, and well, many people agree. People love looking at bling, and in business environments, wearing an expensive watch can show that your business is thriving. But it’s not all about showing off your money; whether you wear a flashy watch or a sturdy, vintage piece, tells other people a lot about you. If you can spare the money, then it’s good to know that watches from e.g. Rolex and Patek Philippe never lose their value, but you don’t have to go crazy if you can’t afford it. There are tons of amazing brands that sell quality watches that won’t break the bank. 

Formal leather shoes

Did you know that one of the first things strangers notice of you, is your choice of footwear? Not only in a business setting, but in all kinds of settings people check out other people’s shoes first when meeting someone new. There are even studies dedicated to it! As a businessman, that also has an impact on you. If you wear a fancy suit with scuffed loafers, people will notice that! Buy a few pairs of formal leather shoes, such as dress shoes and loafers, and keep them in pristine condition. You can even wear a pair of sneakers if the occasion allows, think of an employee day at the firm. Just remember to throw out old shoes, because people will notice! 

Which classic items do you think a businessman should also have?