The Ultimate List of Must-Try Dice Games for Game Night

When thinking of casino games to play as part of game night festivities, dice games can often be overlooked.

When thinking of casino games to play as part of game night festivities, dice games can often be overlooked.

Most will immediately think of card games, such as poker and blackjack, as the main go-to options, while some may even look to invest in a roulette wheel for the occasion.

Dice games can be among some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences, and in truth, they can often be underrated by many. Again, when thinking of a casino game that you might want to play at a casino or online, these options are not usually among the first choice with the classic table games or slots often being among the first thought of.

However, if you want to create the ultimate game night and want to incorporate an element of uniqueness with the introduction of casino games, then you have to consider the following dice games, as these will help to bring the party to life!


A dice game that everyone has likely heard of but perhaps doesn’t understand the rules is Craps. It’s a simple game, but to those who don’t know how to play, it can look very complex.

The game allows players to make bets based on what they think will happen when they roll a pair of dice down the table. ‘Pass Line’ and ‘Don’t Pass Line’ bets are the most common, and these are based on the first dice that are rolled. Those who wager on the “Pass Line” bet will need to roll a 7 or 11 to win. A 2, 3, or 12 will see them lose. A “Don’t Pass Line” bet is flipped, but a value of 12 will be considered a tie.

The two other types of bets available in Craps are ‘Come Bets’ and ‘Don’t Come Bets’. These are placed after the first roll of the dice. A ‘Come Bet’ will be successful if the shooter scores a 7 or 11, but a 2, 3, or 12 will result in a loss. Any other value will be called the ‘Point Bet’ and will require another roll in which a 7 will result in a win. A ‘Don’t Come Bet’ will involve the exact opposite.

Lightning Dice

If you decide to go online and play at 32Red casinos selection of live casino games, you will encounter what is largely considered one of the best dice-based casino games possible to enjoy: Lightning Dice.

Created by Evolution, the game requires players to place a bet on the value of all of the dice that are rolled. There will be three dice involved in the game, and players need to try and guess beforehand what they will total.

It’s a game that can liven up any game night, as it provides a high win potential with up to 1,000x the bet possible to win for those successful. This is possible through the lightning mechanic that is used within the gameplay, as bolts will strike down on the dice and provide multipliers that can enhance any wins that are achieved.

Super Sic Bo

An alternative dice game that can be played physically or online is Super Sic Bo. It is an ancient Chinese game that is almost identical to Lightning Dice.

It features a total of three dice and will require players to try and predict what the total value will be once they have been rolled. However, in this game, they can also bet on the combination of the dice, such as what numbers will appear to enhance their winning potential when playing online. This can also add some friendly competition to the games night, as it can be a way for players to up the stakes without using money.

Football Studio Dice

If you are a group of people who love football

, you can incorporate your passion for the beautiful game with dice in a unique twist. Football Studio Dice is another live casino variant that can be played, but it’s also something that can be enjoyed in the physical company that you may have.

This game requires players to bet on which pair of dice (two sets of two) will provide the highest outcome. One set of dice will be associated with the “Home” team, whereas the other set belongs to the “Away” team. Players can bet on which will return the highest score and then potentially bet on which team will win the game – such as being the first to a certain score total. To add even more excitement to the game, it is possible to use the two dice to be rolled as if they were part of half of the match. One roll for each team can be the first half before the second roll is the final half of the game.

Dice games can make the night fun

As mentioned, dice games may not always be considered among the first types of games to play for a game night. They are often associated with board games, but there are many casino options that are available that can add plenty of excitement to any festivities that are being held!