The ultimate guide to fabric beds

Upholstered bed

We all know that a good night’s sleep is an absolute must, so choosing the right bed that suits you and your needs is really important.

Whilst the mattress plays a big part in the sleep factor, the look and feel of a bed is also high on the criteria list. Owning a bed that not only looks comfortable but also looks absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, will transform a dull, boring bedroom into a stylish haven. Upholstered beds add warmth, a hint of tailored luxury, and they’re not just for adults either. Kids fabric beds in a really bright colour look fabulous too because with chunky, padded headboards there are no sharp edges to worry about.

An upholstered bed has its own personality

Upholstered beds come in all shapes and sizes. You can really go to town on what design might work best for you. Opt for a contemporary, straight-backed headboard, go classic with button tufting, or have fun with the shape and plump for a sleigh bed. If your home is decorated in a modern contemporary style then stick with a minimalist bed with simple, straight lines. A faux leather fabric would look simply stunning. If your home is decorated more traditionally, then an upholstered bed in velvet fabric with curves and arches will look really ornate. Whatever the style, it’s the choice of fabric that will overall dictate the look and feel of the bedroom. One of the most important decisions you need to make when choosing your upholstered bed is the fabric. Make sure you order fabric samples from your bed supplier because this will help you to decide on your colour scheme.

Upholstered beds are really practical

Upholstered beds are super easy to keep clean, just an occasional vacuum or a wipe with a soft dry cloth is all they need. Some of them also have storage facilities built within the frame, which provides extra space for things like bedding or toys. They are also very resilient because of the padding and fabric and can absorb impact, and they don’t dent or scratch, unlike wooden headboards.

If after a hard day, there’s nothing more you like to do than retire to bed early to watch a spot of TV or read a good book, an upholstered headboard is your dream come true. An upholstered headboard provides cushioned support for your head, neck and back, whilst also creating a really cosy feeling in your bedroom. So you can snuggle down, relax and get ready for the next day.

Add a splash of colour

Looking for a brightly patterned fabric to add a pop of colour? You can have it because there’s a vast range of patterns and colours to suit every taste. A fabric bed in a vibrant colour will make a really powerful statement in the bedroom. If you are seeking a calm, tranquil atmosphere in your sleep space, then opt for a rich shade of green or a deep opulent blue. Choose a fun colour for the kids’ bedroom, yellow is a happy, joyful colour and popular with all ages.

With upholstered fabric beds, you get to choose what works best for you and your home, and later down the line if you decide to redecorate, you can change the upholstery fabric to a different pattern or colour easily. That’s the beauty of an upholstered bed, it will never date.

Ultimately an upholstered bed is a piece of art that is not only functional but beautiful to look at.