The significance of a VHS to DVD conversion

DVD player

You are very right to be hot and heavy about your VHS tapes and also on track to be emotionally attached to the old memories incorporated in these tapes.

You surely want to keep them forever and probably share with friends and family that care to know you inside out.

Your wedding videos, anniversary memories, special performances, meaningful events and all the shenanigans in between are all worth keeping to heart and at hand. So, if you still have the VHS tape of some of the old memories you relish in store, you have done an impressive thing and your act is indeed praiseworthy.

All is indeed good and dandy with a VHS tape until you open your mind to see reasons for a better, clearer and advanced version of your recordings or memories. With originality still very much present with full-blown oomph, a DVD disrupts all the shortcomings of VHS tapes in several ways. Some of which are;

An upgrade in quality

If you have ever had a chance to take a sneak peek at a VHS tape recording and a DVD. You would know that there is a clear discrepancy between the qualities of these two. The latter is clearer and has sharper images than the former.

Harder to destroy

Also evidenced in the fact that the DVD player is not as easy to destroy as the VCR and VHS tapes. The quality of a VHS tape can be easily distorted, unlike the DVD player. Another part of the VHS tape that is easily susceptible to destruction is the inner tape. The inner tape of any VCR or VHS tape gets ruined easily. This cannot be found in a DVD as it is not easily weathered or ruined.


A VHS tape requires continuous maintenance techniques and eventually repair if care is not taken. A DVD player, on the other hand, is more reliable and guarantees a modern conversion of memories and past events.


Maybe not in the literal sense. But, the DVD player is really cheaper to keep in this technology age. These VHS tapes become really costly to keep and even costlier to repair. It’s been viewed that this is a result of the scarcity of all the things that may be needed for the repair.

Extended view capabilities

There are so many platforms that encourage the use of a DVD. These platforms are either mainly DVD players or gadgets with an attachment of a DVD player in it. Examples are laptops, desk stop, and DVD player among others. With a VHS tape, you are limited. But, a DVD increases the viewing capabilities greatly.

You will find a long list of VHS to DVD services, tapetodigital tops the list. TapesToDigital offers the best of VHS to DVD conversion services with the following features;

  • The price is as low as 9Euros for the conversion of your VHS VCR tapes to a DVD.
  • Rescuing all recorded memories and ensuring they outlast all aging technologies.
  • Preservation of the Contents in your VHS tapes so that they last for decades before eventually going extinct.
  • You do not only get your VHS tapes converted to DVD, but you also have access to some other stimulating benefits like;
  • Thorough care that ensures that no memory is lost in the process of conversion.
  • Cleaning of tapes to ensure the danger of mold growth is well curbed before it inflames. Any tape that has been damaged by mold should not be thrown away but brought forward for revitalization at Tapes to Digital. You will be sure to have your memories intact after the dirt, and dust has been cleaned out.
  • Repair of tapes that are unplayable. Damaged and broken VCR and VHR tapes can once again be back to perfection with all memories intact and waiting for conversion with the magic touch that is found only with TapesToDigital.

All of these and more are reasons genuine enough to make you see the conversion of your VHS tape to a DVD as a mandate especially if you really want those beautiful memories intact as I am sure you do. Visit today to get started.