The Power of Effective Training and Leadership

Powerful leadership motivates followers, encourages them to become better versions of themselves. A dependable and proactive leader always stands out, ready to guide a team towards success.

It is their hard work, dedication, and prominence in the eyes of a team that provides them with the utmost respect and power. At the same time, leadership can be extremely overwhelming and might push one into misusing power with inappropriate delegation, a lack of training and resources. “The sole advantage of power is that you can do more good,” said Baltasar Gracian, an ancient philosophical writer. And that’s exactly the ideology that the CEO of Uplift11, Michael Ede, is following. Michael believes in exercising leadership in a way that uplifts the spirits of his team or the individuals that he is representing. While most people fail to exercise effective leadership, inspiring leaders such as Ede understands the significance of practising impactful leadership to truly help others.

Career Choices and Experiences

One’s path towards successful leadership is created with determination and the eagerness to keep moving forward. Along with this, one’s career choices, goals, ambitions, and experiences can also help curate a stable future for themselves and others. From an early age only, the serial entrepreneur was determined to take control of his career. Ede, the strong-willed trainer, and entrepreneur believes that human beings are responsible for choosing a path for themselves. Once they decide to take control and make a decision, they become unstoppable.

While Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Jos, Nigeria, in 2011, he decided to take his education to another level by pursuing his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in the UK. Later, he also received a certification as the Football Agent Pro from the John Viola Academy and the Football Agent Institute (FAI). From serving as the Director of Training and Development at “Brighter Connect” and handling projects for renowned brands such as Barclays, HSBC, AstraZeneca, Capgemini, Bank of Ireland, Moorefields Eye Hospital NHS Trust, Santander Global Banking & Markets, and Lloyds Banking Group, Michael has a long way to go. Ede is now the CEO of “Maigmike Consulting Company,” working his way to the top. His company helps individuals and organisations improve their business performance using exclusive industrial insights. With a strong educational background and ample experience in business management and consulting, Michael has proven his worth as a business leader, ready to train the leaders of tomorrow.

Uplift11, Training Leaders of Tomorrow

Born on the 3rd of March, 1975, Michael is a self-driven UK- based Nigerian ready to change the world with his leadership and training programs. As a multidisciplinary and FA-licensed football intermediary, his training agency conducts scouting, professional football recruitment and representation both at individual and club level. The subsidiary company of Maigmike Consulting Limited, Uplift11, also provides professional advice, endorsements and commercials and financial management advice to sports personalities across the globe. Created solely to ‘uplift’ and empower individuals, Michael decided to launch a sports management company to help players maximise their potential to develop a truly rewarding career. With over 16 years of project management experience, Michael has ensured that his sports management company is authorised to work with minors (under 18) who want to pursue a sporting career.

Using his strong connections in the UK and various continents, Ede chooses the best possible deal transactions for his valued clients to give them the recognition they deserve. As an individual who has faced a fair share of struggles in life, the counselor knows how difficult it is for talented players to get recognition in this competitive world. He also happens to be someone who built his career from scratch after moving to the UK from Africa, and that’s one reason he understands that people of colour are often neglected in society.

With careful career planning and fostering a growth mindset, Michael is trying his level best to represent Africans like himself with his sports talent management agency. It can be said that with his drive to help others, Michael has proven his worth as a great influencer, trainer, and leader. The extensive training program and recruitment drives of Uplift11 teach players to make decisions and set goals, all under the supervision and direction of strong-willed trainers. Making strides in the business world, the entrepreneur has surely found a training model that works well for his company and clients.